I have 2 young boys at home who are at that age where they are eager to learn. It is an exciting time to see children who are soaking up what you teach them like a little sponge. I get a kick out of “seeing” the light bulb come on when you know they have understood something they are hearing for the first time (or so). Both my boys are in the early stages of learning to read, which is such a fun time. There are so many concepts to learn and so much information to learn to read. One thing that is a must when looking for books for young children is that they are bright, fun, have familiar objects and easy to get through.

Recently, Silver Dolphin Books a well respected publisher and Hasbro have partnered together on a new series. The collection features the Play-Doh brand and they have a great tag line for the series: “Where Learning and Creativity Take Shape.”

New Books For Young Children

If you are trying to decide on which books your child would like most, you are in good company! So many parents ponder over which book is best for their kids. With the new Play-Doh series, your kids will see familiar animals with an adorable Play-Doh look. The books teach subjects like county, colors and shapes that are the perfect length for younger readers. My family received a few of the popular books including Mama’s Little Ducklings, Counting Bunnies, My First Words, and Let’s Get Creative.

My boys had a lot of fun sitting with me while we read these cute books. They are so imaginative and the bright colors really catch your eye, and the books are nice and durable.  Here is a brief summary of each of the books we were sent:

  • Mama’s Little Ducklings: This cute story begins with a Mama preparing for the hatching of her ducklings. The night before they are to hatch, one of her little eggs goes rolling out of the nest and into an adventure. Mama ends up getting help from the Easter Bunny who knows exactly where her duckling has gone. Your kids will love the surprises hiding under the flaps throughout the book.
  • Counting Bunnies: These adorable bunnies seem to multiply before your very eyes in this fast moving counting book. We first meet a little bunny who is all alone, but soon we find 2 bunnies talking on a phone. Form there we keep adding until we have a hutch full of Play-Doh bunnies.
  • My First Words: Your little ones are going to really enjoy learning new words in categories like animals, clothing and transportation . The colors in this book are rich and inviting and you can see a rainbow and a rocket created with Play-Doh.
  • Let’s Get Creative: What kid does not like a fun sticker book? Well, mine sure do and they loved doing such activities like planting a garden and decorating cupcakes. This book is filled with activities for your little reader that will keep them busy for hours!

For the younger kids who are just learning to read, these books are perfect. They are interesting, colorful, funny and so darn cute! You can purchase the books online from Silver Dolphin Books for $6.95 per book. You can win the Play-Doh Collection below a $40 value.

SilberDolphin - Playdoh grouppic

Mama’s Little Ducklings (a lift-the-flap board book), Counting Bunnies (from the First Concept series), My First Words (a padded board book), and Let’s Get Creative (a jumbo sticker book).  And, to raise the fun factor, each give away will also include two cans of PLAY-DOH compound for hands on fun.


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  2. My 2 neices would like the Animal Adventures:Rain Forest. They both love to read and be read to.Thank you 🙂

  3. I love the “Nature Trails: In the Ocean” book! My son loves learning about ocean animals!

  4. My grandchildren love the ocean and would enjoy the book “Nature Trails: In the Ocean”.

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  6. Nature Trails: In the Ocean. It is a touch and feel book which would be great for my curious One year old!

  7. I like the PLAY-DOH Jumbo Sticker Book: Let’s Get Creative , my daughter would enjoy this very much!

  8. I think that my two-year-old could certainly benefit from the Totally Monster: Feelings book!

  9. I like the Build the T. Rex book which is perfect because my son is obsessed with dinos right now.

  10. My daughter loves animals so I’d say “Animal Adventures: Rain Forest” is something she would love!

  11. I like the 3D books like Rain Forest and Planet Earth. I also like the Draw and Color: Cats and Dogs book. My niece would especially love that one.

  12. I like the Build the T. Rex book
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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