Monthly subscription boxes are fun to get, but often times they are a bit pricey. Although convenient and always a surprise of what is in store, who wants to shell out a bunch of cash for some stuff you may or may not like? It will probably not come as a surprise to learn that Walmart has joined the monthly subscription club and as with their products, the service is reasonably priced. Not only are you getting a fun surprise in the mail each month, it is affordable and it is filled with delicious goodies. I am sure many parents can relate to seeing an ad for a snack that the kids must have and you get home only to find it was not very tasty. What a disappointment as well as a waste of money, right? Goodies Co. Taster’s Box is the Walmart monthly snack box that is filled with delicious treats for your family. Signing up is easy, the price is right and the snacks are yummy! What fun to receive new and exciting snacks you get to try and tell folks what you think about them?

A Monthly Snack Box Filled With Delicious Treats

For just $7 per month (including tax and shipping to the Continental USA) you will receive 5-8 yummy snacks. Customers are asked to review their snacks and they can earn points which can be redeemed for free Taster’s Boxes and other fun prizes. Your family will just love receiving a monthly snack box filled with delicious treats from Goodies Co. Signing up for your Goodies Co. Taster’s Box is easy to do. All you need to do is go here and enter the code BLOGVIP and you will instantly receive your invitation.

Usually there is a wait before you receive your invitation, but through this special offer, you get to move right to the front of the line! Yay! After you fill out the form and enter the required information, you will receive 2 separate emails from Goodies Co.; one telling you that you have a place in line for your invitation and the next will tell you the invitation has already been received. With the monthly Taster’s Box, your family gets the opportunity to try new snacks before you buy a full size package. The kids will have fun as they anxiously wait for the next box to come and when it does, they cannot wait to try out their new snacks. To include your family in the fun, head over to Goodies Co. and enter to start receiving your Taster’s Box!


  1. Oooo… great idea to get a Goodies box. It drives me crazy when I buy a big bag of something and find out that I don’t like it. Then I feel guilty for throwing it away. Not to mention spending the money on it in the first place. Thanks for the review. Will check it out.

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