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Dogs like them..

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The kids like them…

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What is this delicious new phenomena in our home?

Yogurt Pop Recipe

It is Black Cherry Frozen Yogurt Pops made with Stonyfield Yogurt! They have all new flavors! My favorite is the Cafe Latte, but the kids love the new Blueberry, Strawberry and Superfruits! You could say Stonyfield has perfected the recipe and the GMO free yogurt is even yummier than ever.

What I love about Stonyfield is their obsession with goodness. They are just as concerned with what they out in as what they keep out! Like pesticides, artificial growth hormones, GMO’s and antibiotics! I have to stress enough over the things I can see like skinned knees and messy rooms, I do not want to wonder whether or not my 6-year-old will sprout boobs! Visit, follow them on Twitter @Stonyfield and on Facebook at to find out more of the awesomeness of this company! Now on to the good stuff! How did I make those yogurt pops?

Yogurt Pop Recipe

You Gotta Try This #StonyfieldGreek Yogurt Pops Recipe #StonyfieldBlogger
  • Popsicle Molds
  • Stonyfield Yogurt
  1. Put yogurt in pop mold and freeze! It is that easy and so healthy

Can you believe it is that simple? My boys beg for these new flavors and I do not feel bad for giving them “ice cream” as a treat! Heck, I can even bribe them to do chores, these yogurt pops taste so good! Do you think turning Yogurt into “ice cream” is cheating?