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Gourmet Brownies

I love Gourmet Brownies. Don’t you? Of course you do. Brownies smell good and just make a person smile. Brownies just ooze love and comfort and chocolaty goodness all rolled up in a crispy edged sweet treat, and when they are gourmet they are brownies with a cherry on top. Well, in this case – nuts and chocolate chunks which are even better in my book. The brownies pictured above are the actual ones that were mailed to my house and can be purchased online in the delicious Baked Goods section at GourmetGiftBaskets.com. If you look at the picture you can see that each brownie recieved had a corner on it. I do not know if I was lucky in that all my brownies had corners or if they are truly made that way, but as most brownies lovers will agree corners are the way to go! Even better is my son, Jakobi, sneaking a bite of a brownie when I switched over cameras from my phone for Instagram to my Olympus. Of course, I made him pose.

Gourmet Brownies Online

In addition to great-tasting gourmet brownies online, you can also find a variety of  Gift Baskets perfect for the loved one in your life. Think of what a great gift it would be to send someone the gift of a Brownie Sampler. The one I received was a custom package with each of the following flavors. I would really love to say that I shared this treat with another; but alas, I did not. Well, Jakobi snuck a bite or two but he was the lucky one. The other 5 were eaten entirely by me! You can get a sampler which contains two of each of the brownies online for $34.99.

  • Belgian Chocolate Chunk
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Blonde
  • Butterscotch Blonde
  • Cheesecake – This one was my favorite! It just melted in my mouth and I swear you could taste brownie crystals (whatever they are) which lingered for a long while. Addicting I must say.
  • Peanut Butter
  • Fudge Walnut

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