gps tracking for teenagers

My oldest child is nine years old and already I am feeling the pressures of controlling the access she has to certain things.  There is such easy access to technology. It makes it incredibly simple for kids to come into contact with things that are completely inappropriate for them.  Between the iPod, iPad and computers that most have access to, it is easy to not have all of your bases covered when it comes to protecting your child.

GPS Tracking For Teenagers

I am already thinking teen years and how to keep that regulated when there is even more freedom.  Once they start driving the ability to control gets even more compromised.  I am all for allowing children enough freedom to fail and learn from their mistakes, however I prefer they do that in more of a controlled environment.

I know that sounds rather “Big Brotherish”, but I think the need to belong and fit-in can definitely take precedence over common sense.  A GPS tracking system for teenagers will keep track of all of the places they have been, most even track driving behavior and times the car was used.  This is great for knowledge of quick accelerations or any type of erratic driving behavior.  It is also very good knowledge to have if the car is being used outside of the allowable hours of car usage.  Some trackers will also keep a history of seatbelt usage.

Car related accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers.  One in seven teens have an auto accident within their first year of driving.  A GPS tracking system can act as an effective preventative mechanism for many forms of negative driving behavior.  With so much available to act as a negative influence in my child’s life, anything that helps keep track of my child when not in my presence is a good thing.

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  1. My daughter is only 9 but she does have a cell phone. I use the parental controls on her phone. I need to look into GPS tracking because that could be important if something ever happened!

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