Graylyn's Butler Tour

Take a step back in time and be entranced with the Graylyn International Conference Center. The Story of Graylyn explores the origin of the estate in the late 1920s through today. The Graylyn is an enchanting historic property with all the modern amenities. It has 86 uniquely decorated guest rooms attractively situated throughout the pristine 55-acre estate. With several exclusive buildings and diverse accommodations from which to choose, an unforgettable experience awaits you. I have to say the Butler’s Tour was an unforgettable experience. At the end of my day at the Krispy Kreme Blogger Summit, I was exhausted and wasn’t sure I even wanted to go. However, once I started the tour, even though I was dog-bone tired, I did not want it to end.

Larry The Butler

You can take a Butler’s Tour by one of the butlers on hand. I spoke with Larry for a few hours on my Tour and was simply fascinated with the stories that he told me. Stories of ghosts, intrigue and people with more money than God who imported complete rooms: paneling, furniture and ceiling tiles from Europe just because they could. We saw bullet holes, secret panels, and learned of the past owner’s secrets. This room above was brought over piece by piece from Europe and then put back together in this room. In another room, even the ceiling was brought in. Just look at the detail. The picture below was the dining room and is the most requested room in the Graylyn Mansion.

Can you believe in a few hours, we only walked through 3 rooms. It was such a wonderful story, and the way Larry told the story made me want to hear more. I wish my history teachers when I was younger taught history like he did. Look at the view from the breakfast room. Every single room and view boasted of this very same beauty.

Breakfast Room at Graylyn

I learned that Graylyn hosts special events like Murder Mystery Weekends. This would be the perfect place to stage a murder and discover who the culprit was. I cannot wait to return with my husband. There is so much to do in Winston-Salem too! If you are going to visit Winston-Salem you must stay at the Graylyn!