Hotwheels RC All Terrain vehicle

My kids have everything, so it is usually pretty hard for me to find great boys toys for Christmas that we already do not own. I am always on the lookout for cool and unique items that would hold their interest longer than five seconds. Remote control vehicles are fun, but the Hotwheels All Terrain RC Vehicle is super fun! Not only is it a remote control car, but an All Terrain Twister!

All Terrain RC Vehicle

How fun would it be to have an all terrain RC vehicle that can go through anything?  I am talking grass, sand, snow, and even water!  That sounds like an RC vehicle that any kid would love.  Since it can go through any terrain, a child could really let his or her imagination go wild with creative barriers for it to conquer.  The Hot Wheels Terrain Twister is certainly a toy that should be added to your children’s Christmas list!

Hot Wheels is a Mattel Toy and was first introduced to their line of toys in 1968.  This die-cast vehicle roared onto the market in bright colors and modified designs.  Millions of children have collected Hot Wheels over the years and many continue on as adults.  As of 1998, when Hot Wheels celebrated it’s 30 year anniversary, they had been more than two billion of these die-cast vehicles produced.  That number of cars outnumbered the number of vehicles manufactured by the “Big Three” carmakers of Detroit combined.  Also, if you had placed all the Hot Wheels that had been manufactured front-to-rear, it would circle the Earth almost four times.  That is a whole lot of Hot Wheels!

The All Terrain RC vehicle is the perfect gift since not only will it allow for creative play, but it can be played with in any season.  It would be so much fun building a mountain of snow during the winter and watching this vehicle master it, or creating a pit of sand filled with water for it to trudge through.   While we do not have any snow, we sure do have a lot of sand! This will be great to bring to the beach. We tried it out in the backyard in the tall grass and it handled it like a breeze.

great boys toys for christmas

This vehicle is furnished with pontoon-like corkscrew-shaped threads rather than wheels, and can move in any direction.  It is available in green or red and comes with the RC controller and a flex-pack battery with a charger. you can purchase it  anywhere Hot Wheels is sold for $99.99.  Although different stores offer discounts and specials, so be on the lookout for a deal on the RC vehicle at a store near you for your holiday shopping.