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Great Gifts for Film Lovers

Not everyone’s a big fan of movies, but if you know a film fan then you’ll know they take their passion very seriously and love anything film related or that can help them enhance their film watching in some way.

Here are some gifts that film lovers are sure to love, whether for Christmas, birthday or for any other occasion…

A Trip to the Cinema

This might sound obvious and some don’t like giving gift cards for presents, but if you’re really stuck for ideas and know that they would like a free trip to the cinema, then it’s not such a silly idea. There are plenty of Vue cinemas around the place, so that’s always a safe bet to choose if you’re unsure of their local cinema. Here’s where you can buy their gift cards – http://www.myvue.com/Home/Gift-cards

Geeky Clothing

Some movie fans might not appreciate being called geeky, but some will love it, and there are some fantastic geeky t-shirts out there that will really hit the spot. Last Exit to Nowhere is a great website that does t-shirts and hoodies (and some other stuff too) with obscure references to loads of cult films.

DVDs & Blu-rays

This may be stating the obvious, but there are still a few different options when it comes to buying DVDs and Blu-rays for someone. You can buy special editions of films that have extra footage or special features, whilst some also come in posh steelbook cases or with collectable items that may even be worth a bit of money in years to come!


Now you might think this is a little overboard for a gift, but if it’s a really special occasion then it might be worth it. 4K TVs have four times the definition of HD TVs, and whilst you might not be able to see any difference whatsoever, film fans will lap up the extra detail. This Samsung TV, for example, will put you in their good books probably for the next few years!

Film Posters

Some people may like to have prints by world famous artists up in the house, but movie fans may well prefer to have film posters up on their wall. It may sound like something a teenage boy would have on their wall, but some of them are a work of art. Check some of them out here with links to the artists’ websites where you can order some of them.

Netflix membership

There’s a good chance that they already have a Netflix membership if they’re really into their films, but you could pay it for them for a period of time. It’s currently about £6 per month, so even if you just paid for a few months, it gives them free access to hundreds of films.

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