Great Gift For The Tech Savvy (Or Those Attached To Their Phones) We all have that one person on our gift list that is all about technology. They have a laptop, a tablet or two, a smartphone, an MP3 player and just about anything else you can think of. This person is not your run of the mill tech enthusiast! Oh, no, they are in way deeper than the Average Joe. This person eats, breathes, sleeps, works and plays all things tech, so therefore, your gift for them should be comparable. You cannot get them a run of the mill pair of headphones or charger. You need to get this person a top notch gift that will compliment and hopefully surpass anything they have in their collection thus far. When you need a serious tech related gift for a mobile device, the place to go is eFreesia.

Great Gifts For The Tech Savvy

If you are looking for great tech products for that also make great gifts for the tech savvy, eFreesia probably has what you need. The folks at eFreesia design their products to give you the freedom to go mobile with your devices and do it with style. You can use their products on your iPad, iPhone, Samsun, HTC and many other brands. They offer 3 different options for charging your mobile device as well as offer high quality screen protectors.

I was sent the eFreesia Bar, which sells for $39.99 and you can buy your eFreesia products directly from their website. If you make your purchase now, you can save $10 off your purchase, making this little beauty only $29.99. The eFreesia Bar is simple and understated, yet elegant and and quite powerful. The mobile power pack keeps your mobile device charged and is almost half the size of your Samsung smartphone. It has simple LED indicators to indicate the amount of charge left and even has a built-in flashlight!  Be sure to keep up to date with eFreesia on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.