The holidays are my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of year when fun time honored holiday traditions bring family and friends and together to laugh about times passed and make new memories along the way. Every family has their own holiday traditions that they look forward to each season. There are however a few that share a common thread in most families. Here are few of my favorites.

Holiday Movies

Great Family Holiday Traditions

A rose for Christmas 1

Now Christmas movies are a holiday tradition that everyone can relate to. One my favorites and probably one of the most obvious choices is A Christmas Story. Alas that is just one of many great Christmas movies that make for great family holiday traditions. From Home Alone to Die Hard, that’s right Die Hard is considered a Christmas movie by many, there’s a movie for every family. No stranger to great family movies, Hallmark Channel is ready to give us an instant classic and possibly a new holiday tradition for your family.


For me growing up the first tradition of the Christmas season was the picking out and decorating the Christmas tree. There were years when we lived up north that we would go into the woods to pick one from nature, but after we moved to Florida we had to start picking them from the Christmas tree vendors. Which by the way is just as much fun for a kid making any kind of big decision for the family. Let’s not forget how awesome it was to get picked for the honor of topping the tree with star either.


Holiday parties are high on my list of good times to be had in the jolly and merry season of Christmas. They’re a time to dress to the nines and go mingle with friends, family and coworkers to reminisces  about the good times you’ve had together and discuss any new opportunities on the horizon.


Holiday meals are the best time for families to come together and share their stories from throughout the past year. In my family we all gather early and work together to prepare the holiday meals. This is a great way to keep the bonds strong as well as pass down traditional family recipes.


Secret Santa is just lots of fun. It’s a great  holiday tradition to start with your family now if you don’t do it already. It’ especially fun at those big family gatherings. We even like to add the twist of playing multiple rounds where you can have the option to keep your gift or “exchange” it for someone else’s gift. It makes for a a lot of fun.

Every year throughout the holiday season friends and family gather to enjoy their favorite holiday movies make them laugh, cry or just reminisces about the good times from times past. Hallmark Channel is the go to when it comes to  great family and holiday movies. Their latest in great original holiday and family movies “A Rose for Christmas ” is set to premier on Sunday, Jan. 1st at 8pm/7c. Hallmark Channel know how get into the holiday spirit and want you to join them. Look out for Hallmark Channel’s 12 Days Countdown to Christmas, which will feature celebrities each day leading up to Christmas! Use #CountdowntoChristmas to enter their holiday giveaway for bag of great Christmas swag . Let Hallmark see your Christmas spirit by taking part in the “Season Your Selfie” event. Most importantly of all don’t forget to tune-in to the “A Rose for Christmas ” Sunday, Jan. 1st at 8pm/7c on Hallmark Channel. Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night.

What’s Your favorite holiday tradition?

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