Bright Eyes

I must admit I love that I have at least one of my kids in public school for a selfish reason. If Caitlin were home schooled along with her brother, I would never know when any pertinent dates were coming up. They are talking about Earth Day and how we can make small changes not just on that day, but all year to better our planet. We have been working on doing our part by recycling, using more eco-friendly products and writing blog posts about going green. Another area the kids are learning about in connection with Earth Day is how animals fit into the whole concept. We talk a lot about things like recycling or riding a bike to work for Earth Day, but what about the animals? Do they not play an important part as well? Of course they do! One company that has a great idea for learning about the animals and how important they are to us. The Mountain makes these incredible t-shirts that have some of the coolest animal graphics I have ever seen.

Great T-Shirts For Earth Day

Great T-Shirts For Earth Month

My kids are big animal lovers and we go to the zoo a lot. We are lucky to have a zoo that is a short car ride from our house and Caitlin’s school is only about 2 miles from there. The kids visit the zoo at least 2-3 times each year and we seem to learn something new each time we go. The Mountain has this huge collection of t-shirts that have animals from just about every species. They have some great t-shirts for Earth Month as well as cool shirts to wear for a day at the zoo. They are pretty well known for their “Big Face” animals like cats and dogs, but they also have some really cool ones like a bee head or a snow leopard.

We were sent this really cool shirt for Henry with a huge gecko on it called “Bright Eyes” and Caitlin chose a more subdued Butter Dragon Peach with beautiful flowers and dainty insects. Let me tell you how realistic these graphics are. I have a metal dress form in my room and I had laid the Bright Eyes shirt on it. The kids and I were watching TV and all of a sudden Henry screamed and jumped off the bed. He was freaking out because he saw the gecko on the shirt and thought it was real! It was so funny I almost wet my pants because I laughed so hard. The shirts from The Mountain are created, developed, dyed, and printed in Marlborough, NH. 80% of the cotton used is grown in the USA and the shirts are made from 100% preshrunk cotton. Their dye library includes over 600 different colors and the inks are water based instead of  petroleum based ink.   The shirts are really comfortable and the colors and graphics are stunning. Of you or your kids are into animals or nature like my family is, you cannot go wrong with a shirt from The Mountain.