great boys toys for christmasWhen buying toys for kids, it’s best to buy something that stimulates the little one’s brain and encourages her or him to learn. Instead of just fun, focus on education as well. Kids who grow up playing with educational toys may grow up to be better problem solvers. If you want your kids to have an early introduction to science and technology, two of the toughest subjects at school, then you should start with an educational toy. Even kids who hate school can play with these toys and learn something without causing a fuss. Here is a list of excellent toys that promote STEM-style learning.

Piper Computer Kit: If you want to give your kid a fun introduction to computer science get this make-your-own-computer kit. It enabled children to learn about both computer hardware and software. Once put together, the computer uses Minecraft gameplay to teach small children the basics of coding. This kit is quite popular and has been endorsed by the likes of Steve Wozniak, the famous Apple co-founder and computer geek. This kit includes an actual computer powered by Raspberry Pi. This kit is best suited for older children who can handle the physical aspects of building a computer.

DBPower UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone: Your kid will be a very happy sport indeed if you buy him or her a drone. This small quadcopter is well suited for kids. This is a budget drone that costs less than $100. It connects to smartphones and has a corresponding app. You kid will be able to see what the drone sees while in the air via Wi-Fi video streaming. Also, the drone app is VR headset compatible. It’s great for both kids and adults to enjoy a truly unique experience. The drone is easy to fly. It requires some minor assembly upon arrival. This drone is perfect to introduce kids to this hip technology. Also, it can teach children about airborne flight and photography.

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope: If you have a budding scientist at home, consider getting this actual, lab-grade mini microscope. It provides realistic magnification of samples, unlike other toy microscopes. Magnification power ranges from 40x to 400x, so it’s quite powerful. Kids will be able to view slides or small physical objects like hair strands or leaves. The kit includes over 50 pieces of accessories, including different types of magnifying lens. You will need two batteries to operate the microscope. The device is small and compact, so a child can easily carry it by the handle. This will be the perfect toy for little science enthusiasts between the ages of 8 and 12.

VTech KidiZoom Action Camera: Teach your children about photography with this amazing budget action camera. The camera itself is child sized for small hands to hold. But it’s very durable and works quite like a real camera. As an action camera, it’s perfect for taking pictures of fidgety objects, like pets. The camera can record video as well. This camera is recommended for budding photographers aged between 6 and 12 years.

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit: This kit includes 15 experiments for growing shiny crystals at home. It’s a wonderful chemistry kit that will thrill kids and teach them about geology. The experiments are truly dazzling. Kids can use the material provided to grow crystals like the ones that form in nature. The kit includes a color instructions manual for guidance.

Next time you need to buy a meaningful gift for a child, choose an educational toy from the above list.