bubblegum machine

A gumball machine has to be one of the coolest, unique gifts around. Are you serious? A machine that gives out candy, but takes money you can keep? Love it! I actually surprised my oldest with this bubble gum machine. My kids are actually not bubble gum eaters so I was thrilled to find out they had bubble gum alternatives. The machine can actually dispense a variety of things that you can purchase from Gumballs.com or from your local store. In addition to sugar-free gumballs and regular gumballs you can fill your machine with nuts, MMs, jelly beans ore Reese’s Pieces like you see above. Soon my kids will be the envy of the neighborhood when they have their friends over.

This machine is actually on a dresser top because we did not want to trust the little ones to not knock it over with their horseplay, but this machine an also  be purchased with a stand. When my oldest takes this back to his dorm, he will take the stand with him because we all know college boys are more careful!

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for the one you often find hard to buy for, consider a personalized etched globe.  You can put mom’s jar, or Grandpa’s Goodies, or Give me your money! That is another great feature. There is a lock on the top of the machine to keep little brothers from stealing the candy. That means they have to pay to play! You can purchase a Carousel Machine from  $25 on up. The one Columbia Carousel featured here is 15″ tall and is $59. You can purchase it with the stand for $79.


You can win a gumball machine and your choice of gumballs, sugar free or regular.

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