Telephone Repairman Worker PhoneThe call forwarding feature of virtual phones will keep you connected to your customers. Old, new and prospective customers may want to make inquiries about the products and/or services you provide and may want to place orders. Therefore, you cannot afford to leave your business calls unattended. In the world of business, every call you fail to answer is actually considered a “missed business opportunity” which can deal your business a heavy blow. In order to grow your business and to ensure that your customers are happy, you should take advantage of call forwarding feature of your business’ virtual phone.

A reliable and reputable phone service provider offers superior quality forwarding feature as part of its business phone solutions. Currently, practically every business utilizes this feature to stay connected with their numerous customers or to offer a much better customer service. Phone calls are forwarded to selected or designated phone numbers. Users will have to provide the system with the selected phone numbers that calls should be forwarded to, and users will also have to specify the time and day that they will be available on each of the phone numbers.

There is no doubt that call forwarding is a vital feature in modern telecommuting and offers many benefits. Below, are some of the benefits offered by call forwarding feature:

Be Available to Clients

One of the most important benefits of RingCentral call forwarding is that your customers and clients can reach you, even when you are not in the office. This feature allows you to conveniently forward phone calls to several phone numbers like your home phone number, cell phone number and any other telephone number of your choice. This feature actually tracks you down to deliver phone calls. You can even choose to customize the phone system to suit your requirements. It can be very frustrating to find out that you have missed phone calls from several callers who may have turned out to be good paying customers.

Answer Calls on the Go! 

As call forwarding offers you the opportunity to forward calls to your cell phone, you can easily answer phone calls from clients, suppliers, business partners or employees while you are on the go. This feature is perfect for increasing the mobility of members of your staff without failing to communicate with customers.

Whether you are out of town on business, on your vacation or if you just stepped out of your office for a few hours, you can still answer your customers’ phone calls any time. This feature will help you reduce any chance of not attending to important phone calls.

Makes your Business Appear Bigger than It Actually Is
Call forwarding will also help you expand your business presence. You can allot either a toll free or local numbers for different geographical locations and forward the calls to the same central area.  Although every call is answered from one office, it will create a strong impression that your business has branches all over the nation. This can contribute greatly to the image of your business, as it gives a positive impression of your business – your business is believed to be big and credible. If you choose to use the auto attendant feature, every call made to your business line will be answered immediately, and connected to the appropriate department or personnel without wasting time.

Receive Alerts Fast

If for some reason, you are not able to answer phone calls on all your telephone numbers, the virtual phone system’s auto attendant feature will forward the calls to your voicemail box. People who call you can leave messages for you on your voicemail and can expect you to reply as soon as you get their message. Most times, customers get a feeling of disappointment when they realize that they have hit a voicemail box, this is because they do not have any expectations of being called back. It is no secret that voice messages often go unanswered either because they not answered or correctly reported. With a modern virtual phone, alerts are sent as soon as there is a fresh voice message. In order to reassure callers that you will return their message, you can set a convincing voice message before callers leave their message. However, it is always better if customers can get to talk with you directly.

Call forwarding will help you connect with your customers without difficulty. Every call you receive via telephone is actually an opportunity to increase your bottom line. The best part about using this feature is that it will not cost you an arm or leg.

Remember, it is of the utmost importance that you answer your calls quickly and this valuable feature will offer you the opportunity to be able to communicate with your customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.