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Great Wines For Summer From Arnaldo Caprai Review

Great Wines For Summer

With the long hot days and long warm nights of the season, you should stock up with great wines for summer.  I have cut down on my drinking quite a bit since my younger and wilder days!  When I was pregnant, I couldn’t drink and after not drinking for 9 months, it was easy to quit!!  I do love to relax with a nice glass of wine on occasion but I hate trying new wines and being very disappointed in them.  When Chelsea came to visit for Christmas, I tried to choose a nice wine we could drink for dinner.  I went on the recommendation of the guy at the liquor store and boy was his knowledge of wine was deep!  NOT!!  He suggested a wine I had never heard of but he insisted it was a big seller at their store.  I opened the wine for dinner, Chelsea and I toasted her safe arrival and we took a sip…and spit it out!!  It was HORRIBLE!! Just thinking about it makes me gag a little.

If you want a trusted name in the wine business, Arnaldo Caprai is one of the best.  Caprai is known for using the delicious grapes from Montefalco, Italy which have been growing there for centuries.  In order to make the Caprai wines taste as incredible as they do, it takes years of research and experimentation.  The grapes are tested in a variety of environments, while protecting the grapes from harmful chemicals.  The results are wines that have luscious color, aroma and most importantly, taste.  With the internet, the Caprai staff is able to educate the consumer not only about their wines, but about the tradition of making wine.  You can even join the Caprai wine club!

Delicious Wine With Dinner

There is no reason you can only have delicious wine with dinner.  If you have a good wine, anytime is the right time for a glass…oh, unless it is like 10:00 am, and then you should probably wait!  I was recently given the opportunity to review the  Grecante Grechetto from Arnaldo Caprai ($19.99).  This wine has a bold crispness that is just perfect to serve with your favorite seafood or chicken dish.  I prefer to have my wine chilled, which is what the maker suggests.  Chelsea and I thoroughly enjoyed the Grecante Grechetto from Arnaldo Caprai and plan to have it again…soon!

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