I’m always looking for healthy ways to lose weight. Like most women, I would like to be about 10 pounds lighter then what I currently weigh. On a average, I workout 3-5 times a week, watch what I eat, and choose healthy and non-processed foods. But apparently the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight; I’m not liking this aging thing! Luckily, I found a product that helps enhance weight loss what diet and exercise. Green Tea Daily is not your normal green tea. You don’t have to boil a pot of hot water, then wait for your tea to sit, then finally get to drink it. And to be honest, I’m really not a green tea flavor kind of gal. Green Tea Daily doesn’t taste like green tea and it works a whole lot better. Green Tea Daily comes in flavored powder packets that you add to your water bottle.

In order to get the weight loss benefits of normal green tea, you would need to consume 45 cups. Can you imagine how many times you would need to go to the bathroom? Green Tea Daily is a highly concentrated form of green tea, maqui berry, acai berry and noni. For those that don’t know what noni is, noni is believed to be it is a immune system booster, detox, and helps get rid of muscle pains and long-term chronic diseases.

For this review I was sent a box of Green Tea Daily. For each packet, I filled up my water glass and dropped one of these packets in, stirred, and drank. To my surprise all of the flavors tasted really good, even the original! The flavors were creamsicle, chocolate, raspberry lemonade, original, and strawberry pineapple. My favorite was the strawberry pineapple.  Green Tea Daily can be purchased on their website as a Sample/ Week supply for $14.95, 60 Count for $59.95, 2 Box Deal for $109.98, or 3 Boxes for $179.95.

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