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There are several factors to take into consideration when visiting the Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. If you have children of school age, then the chances are your trip will be determined by their school calendar, and you will have to fit your break in around their school schedule. However, this means that you will be visiting at times when the park is at its busiest, but this is not necessarily a bad thing because it is the time when the parks offer the most activities specifically designed for children.

Another consideration you will need to make if you are planning a trip is the lodging. The rates at both of the National Parks are considerably higher in the summer time, but visitors do have plenty of choices.

Climate: The Bryce Canyon and Zion Park areas are quite different when it comes to the climate which is primarily because of the elevation. In the Zion National Park, the elevation ranges from 3,700 to 8,736 feet while in the Bryce Canyon National Park it ranges from 6,620 feet and ranges up to 9,115 feet. Both of the parks experience all seasons, but winter in the Zion Park is quite mild, and it experiences little snowfall.

During the summer, hikers are advised to go early morning, particularly considering the thunderstorms that frequently occur in the afternoons in July and August. These storms can alter water levels in a very short space of time. Due to its higher elevated position, the Bryce Canyon is much cooler, with snow being common in winter.

As a result, the weather conditions in the parks can limit certain activities. In the Zion, it is advised that you avoid long hikes in the summer months while in the Bryce Canyon, winter storms can cause serious problems for those venturing out onto the trails.

Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park Seasonal Events: The majority of the ranger-led activities such as amphitheater and campfire programs as well as the guided tours and walks are available in the summer months. In the Bryce Canyon, the Ruby’s Inn is a sponsor for multiple events throughout the year. In the Zion National Park, during the summer, visitors can experience Elizabethan England with the Shakespearean Festival. The summer season begins in late June and runs until the end of August.

Elizabethan England with the Shakespearean FestivalPreparation for your trip: When packing for your trip to Bryce Canyon, you should bear in mind that it is a place of extremes with rapidly changing conditions and terrain. If you are planning on using a bike or hiking around the area, you should equip yourself with at least a gallon of water for each person for a day out on a trail; in addition to a strong sun block, hats and protective clothing. Summer visitors are also advised to carry rainproof clothing for afternoon thunderstorms and jackets for the cooler evenings. Hikers should always take a first aid kit and a walking stick to steady themselves as they navigate through the trails.