Gyro Bowl

Gyro Bowl Snack Container Doubles As An Army Man House

My kids never use anything right! I am very sure this comes from their out-of-the-box thinking mom! As soon as we received the Gyro Bowl I put some Kix in it and unleashed it to my 18-month-old and 3-year-old. That was pretty silly. It says it is 100% kid proof, but that would mean for ages above mine. The first thing my kids did was dump the Kix all over the floor and then stomp on them! Thankfully, I used a small amount, and my kids have a great imagination. Their Gyro Bowl is now used to carry small army men and other pieces they often play with without them dropping. It is also a fun gadget to play with and they love the look. Mason will play with it for at least a half hour as an empty toy. I am sure this snack container would work well for its purpose for the proper age group. I think it was too tempting for them to see all that food out in the open!

The way the bowl is supposed to work is the inner bowl rotates at 360 degrees while keeping the food in the inner circle. You can purchase two for $14.99 and the bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe. It is virtually indestructible because if my kids can’t break it, it can’t be broke! I also LOVE the face that I can let my kids chew on it (weird, but true–teething) and not have to worry because it is BPA-Free plastic. It really is a neat looking container and attract the kiddos often as they pass it. Mason totes it around proudly as his container because Jakobi won’t share his lunchboxes. the Gyro Bowl also comes with a lid to keep your snacks from becoming stale or from your prized possessions from getting lost.