The Swedish titan IKEA is known for its low-cost, self-assembled, simple-yet-stunning pieces of furniture. Many IKEA showrooms are as immaculately designed as million-dollar mansions, but for a fraction of the cost. Still, many savvy home stylists have found ways to manipulate IKEA’s products into even more functional and fabulous pieces of furniture; the name for these ingenious augmentations? IKEA hacks.

And now, you can hack your bedroom into an efficient and exquisitely designed space, as well. Whether you are looking to avoid the mass-produced look of IKEA furniture or you need help when it comes to storage and space, these IKEA hacks should transform your bedroom into a unique space for you.


IKEA is perhaps most famous for its dirt-cheap, unfinished wood furniture. Though the furniture often lacks style and grace, it is solid, functional, and affordable, which is what sells so many people. However, there is an equally inexpensive way to dress up the drab, dull look of IKEA’s pine: paint. Finding a beautiful hue that suits your style is inexpensive at your local hardware store, and slathering any of IKEA’s simple bed frames, night stands, dressers, and more doesn’t take much time or effort. Plus, this hack works equally well for metal as it does for wood, and you can create organic or geometric patterns as you desire.


Though the word may make many home designers shiver, in truth, upholstery is a simple process that transforms dull, drab IKEA items into works of art. While chairs and sofas may require experience in the field, a project with straight pieces of furniture — like bed frames — should take an upholstery novice no longer than a couple hours to complete.

IKEA sells scrap fabric at some of its locations for about $5 per yard, so if there is a particular print of theirs you love, you might be able to salvage some for this hack. After covering the wood in a thin layer of batting, you can staple the fabric tight over the frame for an instant improvement in bedroom style.

A quick side note: While shopping for frames at IKEA, you might be tempted to add one of their mattresses to your cart. However, while we urge you to take advantage of their rock-bottom furniture prices, IKEA mattresses are certainly not worth the price cut. That’s not to say that all mattresses should be exorbitantly expensive — name brand mattresses can be just as disappointing. In fact, due to problems with Sleep Number beds, many people have switched to Personal Comfort Beds. A key lesson in bedroom style is knowing when to scrimp and when to cash out.


Adding dramatic design to any bed, the headboard is an oft-forgotten — yet no less important — piece of furniture in the bedroom. A proper headboard can add height to a room, make a cool space feel warmer, or simply spread quiet sophistication.

Most of IKEA’s bed frames come with headboards of some shape or another, but very few are eye-catching or distinctive. Building your own headboard may sound like an ominous task, but do-it-yourself headboard patterns are available all over the Web. Plus, starting with an IKEA headboard as a base makes the process that much simpler and will then blend more effectively with an IKEA frame. You can get inspired by a handful of stunning headboard projects here.

Built-In Bed Storage

More innovative IKEA hackers are combining bedding with storage space by uniting iconic IKEA pieces. By building dressers, cabinets, or closet systems below bed frames, these bedroom visionaries are creating functional loft-style beds with additional storage, perfect for small rooms or houses. The following are IKEA’s current best storage solutions that double as excellent foundations for beds:

  • Stolmen closet system drawers
  • Malm dressers
  • Sektion kitchen cabinets
  • Expedit bookshelves

This is one of the most involved IKEA hacks you can complete for your bedroom, but if your space is small, it is likely worth the effort to create a stunning and serviceable piece of furniture. Plus, any and all of these pieces can be customized with paint, upholstery, or any other design idea you think of.