Hand Painted Wood Letters

Hand Painted Wood Letters for Walls

I have recently developed a fixation for hand painted wood letters for walls in the kid’s rooms.  I think my obsession comes from being raised in a house with 5 brothers and sisters.  If you come from or have a big family you can probably relate to the phrase; there is no “I” in Team.  when you are the youngest of 4 girls, you better hope your oldest sister has some fashion sense or you are toast!  Now that I have kids, it is almost the opposite philosophy in my house!  I think I may have gone overboard celebrating the uniqueness of my children because they act like they are the only kids on the planet!! LOL
Hand Painted Wood Letters
I learned a long time ago it is better to buy the kids cute things instead of trying to make something special for them.  I have wasted more than a few dollars on projects that I never finished due to technical difficulties!  Well, aren’t I glad I met an artist who is really good (understatement) at making cute trinkets for kids.  Nancy Barbolt, the owner of Simply Made,  is a work-at-home mom with two children who makes custom wooden letters, switch plates, treasure boxes and lots more adorable treats from her home.  Nancy has been selling her charming wooden items since she opened Simply Made in 2007.  With the help of her hubby (the wood cutter in the family)  she makes each item a perfect match for each client.   In order to create a one of a kind item, Nancy asks about hobbies, favorite colors, characters and color schemes.  The result is one of a kind cuteness!

Handcrafted Wooden Boxes

After seeing several samples of Nancy’s collection, I decided to review one of her handcrafted wooden boxes for TheHenMan and a painted initial for KittyKat.  I gave Nancy all the information she needed to create something unique for each of the kids.  I was unprepared for how utterly precious Nancy’s art is!  She  uses only quality wood, brilliantly colored acrylics and a long lasting sealant. Nancy was born with a gift for turning an ordinary piece of wood into something magical. For KittyKat she painted a letter “C” with a peg (valued at $15.00) and a matching switch plate cover (valued at $12.00) and for TheHenMan, the cutest wooden dinosaur box (valued at $20.00) which now holds his gazillion silly bands.  If you want something hand painted your children will cherish, I know exactly who can help you with that!

Thank you to Nancy for offering one lucky reader a $22.50 gift certificate to be used at her Etsy shop

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