Handcrafted Jewelry Designs That Will Turn Heads
I am a self confessed jewelry addict and if there were meetings I could attend, I would probably ignore them! My husband on the other hand would love me to get help for my addiction as I can throw down some money on it. I have been collecting unique pieces of jewelry for more than 20 years. I have got some really gorgeous and unusual pieces and am always looking to add to my stash. I especially love handcrafted jewelry designs because they are one of a kind. At least I know I will probably not see the same thing I am wearing on one of my friends at this years Christmas party! I recently became aquainted with an Etsy shop by the name of oBo Creations and I could eat up her jewelry with a big spoon!
Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

If you are a fan of brightly colored jewelry, Obo Creations is the perfect place for you. Olya makes her jewelry as an art form that are unique, adorable and one of a kind. If you had to put a label on her designs, you could describe it as minimalist. Many of the pieces of jewelry in the shop are inspired by nature, which is evident in their shapes, colors and choices of materials. Everything is hand painted in a studio in Geneva, Switzerland, where you can find the artist at work on cluster pendant necklaces, art dangle earrings, studs and statement rings and much more.

I was sent 2 sets of jewelry from oBo Creations, one for myself and one for the giveaway. One of the sets is a pendant necklace and matching earring made from wood. I love the beautiful blue with the swirls of gradient colors that look a bit like a lazy oil slick. They are lightweight but that in no way is indicative of how intricately and well made they are. The other items are a set of an elongated rectangular necklace and matching ring. This pair are made from metal and resin and the colors are absolutely spectacular. I especially like the unusual pendant and my sister, who was helping me take my pictures, tried to steal the ring! I am so proud to have a set of jewelry that was handmade by Olya in her studio in Switzerland to add to my collection. Exclusively for Makobi Scribe readers, you can take 20% off your total purchase from oBo Creations.

One USA reader will win their choice of one of the sets from Obo Creations  ($50.00)


  1. coral pink cluster necklace flowers silver necklace unique necklace for women Nature Inspired jewelry colorful jewelry art jewelry

  2. Seriously the jewelry featured in this giveaway is my favorite but another I like is the turquoise hoop silver drop earrings! Beautiful jewelry, thanks!

  3. I like the blue silver studs blue stud earrings blue earrings nature inspired earring everyday earrings art jewelry colorful jewelry minimalist jewelr

  4. I would really like the Multicolor pendant necklace minimalist pendant necklace fall jewelry…
    $40.00 US

  5. Purple bronze flower cluster necklace charms necklace unique necklace for women colorful jewelry art jewelry spring jewelry summer jewelry

  6. I want gold dangle earrings purple blue earrings blue gold earrings gold drop earrings hoop earrings for women colorful jewelry art jewelry

  7. I love the Purple green Enamel necklace flowers necklace unique necklace for women enamel jewelry ready to ship

  8. coral pink cluster necklace flowers silver necklace unique necklace for women Nature Inspired jewelry colorful jewelry art jewelry

  9. Both sets leave me speechless with their beauty.
    If I have to chose, it has to be the earrings and pendant.
    The colors are amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing the artist with us!

  10. I like this bangle bracelet

    Art cuff bracelet red cuff bracelet silver cuff bracelets silver bracelets for women art jewelry colorful jewelry minimalist jewelry

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  11. So many pretty pieces, one of my favorite is the Silver Plated Branch and Leaves Necklace with Pink Hand Painted Beads.

  12. Love these earrings—http://www.etsy.com/listing/115676802/turquoise-dangle-earrings-silver-drop?ref=shop_home_active

  13. I love the colors in this one – Purple green gold necklace statement pendent necklace handpainted jewelry

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