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Handmade Polish Pottery From Polmedia Sweepstakes

Handmade Polish Pottery

I have a new obsession and it is handmade Polish pottery!  If you have never seen Polish pottery, you really should check into it.  A friend had a serving bowl she had gotten as a wedding gift and it was absolutely gorgeous.  As far back as the 1500’s, Polish pottery has been made by hand in the Polish city of Boleslawiec, which is located on the Bobr River in Southwest Poland.  When winter came and it was too cold to work outside, Polish farmers would make pottery until spring came.  The results were exquisitely crafted pottery that was hand decorated with potato stamps and then glazed to perfection.  Once the 1900’s dawned, a school was formed to teach these artists to perfect their craft and over the next several decades, Polish pottery rode a roller coaster in their levels of interest.  In that tiny village, you will still find farmers making their pottery the same way it was done more than one thousand years ago.

I was so excited to find a family run business that made the most breathtaking Polish pottery available today.  Polmedia LLC came to be after the “Fall of the Wall”, when residents were finally able to join the other capitalists worldwide.  While Artur, the founder, came to the USA to receive his college education his family remained in Poland, running the family business.  After Artur obtained his Bachelor’s from Purdue and his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, he opened a 12,000 square foot warehouse near San Antonio, Texas. All of the Polish pottery sold by Polmedia is made and imported from Boleslawiec Poland and is then distributed from Seguin, Texas, which is near San Antonio.  With their impeccable customer service backing their amazingly detailed and beautiful pottery, it is no wonder they are one of the leaders in this industry.  To see some great pictures of the artists in action, please like Polmedia on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Hand Made Serving Bowls

After seeing my friend’s piece of Polish pottery, I was determined to find handmade serving bowls in the Polish pottery arena.  I was so happy to find Polmedia, not only because they offer so many beautiful choices, but because of their unique, detailed and astonishingly striking patterns and colors.  I wanted to find what is called a batter bowl, which I had not heard of before my friend had showed me hers, but I wanted one!!  What I found interesting as I researched Polish pottery is that it is made from white clay that can only be found in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. By using lead and cadmium free glaze, Polish pottery is safe to use and will standup to the heat of an oven to the cold of the freezer.  I chose the beautiful batter bowl made by Ceramika Artystyczna ($59.96). When my batter bowl arrived, I was speechless (which for me is a rare occasion).  The colors are just so vibrant and colorful and the shine is like no other I have ever seen.  With each piece of pottery being hand-made, you are getting a piece that is like no other, which makes it so special.  It sounds corny, but when you stop and take a long look at this breath taking work of art, you can see the love and care that went into its creation.  I never knew what I was missing before I saw this gorgeous piece of pottery and I am pretty sure I will never want to buy anything else!

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    Manufacturer shape number GU1345 and Polish pottery pattern number 148ART

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