Cinnamon Moose Crafts is an affordable place to find handmade items for your home. Their specialty is the Flowerball as pictured above.  You can use it to decorate a flower pot or snazz up your office. When the package arrived, my son claimed it as home decor for his play house. I suppose even kids need a little pretty in their lives.  You can purchase one of these hanging flower balls for $5.hanging cascade

Hanging decorations for your home

My niece’s birthday is right around the corner, and she loves pink and orange.  The Cinnamon Moose also make really pretty hanging name cascades made perfectly for the little girl in your life. Most little girls like to emulate their moms, and would love the decor to be like the hanging decorations for your home. Michelle created this on especially for my niece and I cannot wait to present it to her for her birthday. You can purchase a hanging cascade with an unlimited number of letters. $3 per letter and $1 to hang on a ribbon with hanger. Ornaments can also be added to name cascades. You can also have them made into individual magnets. Michelle (aka Moose) is a married mother of 3.  She currently works from home doing Medical Transcription and has just started a blog, Just Married Mom of 3.  The idea for this business sprouted when she decided to make these flowerballs for her wedding reception.  Everyone loved them and so Cinnamon and herself decided to try their hand at making them in different themes and colors to sell to the masses. They also employ a secret artist –  The creator of the plant picks is a secret!  These are lovingly hand-crafted by someone very special to all 3 of us listed above.  All the money made from the plant picks goes directly to the secret artist!