HP Envy 2 Craft
We used our HP ENVY 120 All-in-one printer to print pirate hats!

My kids LOVE Pirates. It seems like Mason is always searching for treasure, and Jakobi is more often than not trying to start a “sword” fight. Crafting with a pirate theme just seemed like the right thing to do! Using the apps that you can download for free on my HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One Printer, I was sure that I could find something to fill our afternoon. I searched through the apps on the printer and found a Disney section. It was a hard choice to make because there were so many craft ideas and coloring pages available. I found pretty much everything under the sun; including menus, paper plane ideas, Dreamworks, Disney, calendars and so much more. However, when I saw the Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I knew I found my craft inspiration. I am sure you could find the perfect craft for you too! You can download free apps from HP and partners to create, share, and print wirelessly to your printer from your iPad, iPhone, tablet or basically any device wired to the internet. There is even an easy-access front USB port optimized to power your smart phone.

HP has partnered with Snapfish, which means I can connect to my Snapfish account from my printer. I found party kits on the Snapfish site which is where I printed Jakobi’s hat from: Free pirate hat printable, and I printed Mason’s from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Disney app directly from the printer.

Crafting with the HP Envy 2
Jakobi used the HP Envy 2 to photograph himself

Using the HP ENVY x2, Jakobi took pictures of himself in his pirate hat. The HP Envy 2, is a unique computer because it is a laptop and tablet in one. The last laptop I owned, Jakobi pulled off the H key. Do you know how often you use the H key? It can make typing really difficult without it! I was thrilled that I did not have to hand over the keyboard to him because the Envy 2 was just right for his hands. Jakobi is a bit of a shutterbug, and he took a ton of pictures to choose from. The HP Envy 2 comes equipped with Windows 8 and has a touchscreen, so scrolling through the images that he just took was easy as pie for him. Actually, he spent more time playing with the camera around the house than creating pirate hats!

Creating a memory book with Snapfish
Creating a memory book with Snapfish

Once Jakobi selected the picture he wanted to use, we were able to print it directly from the HP Envy 2 to the HP Envy 120 with the power of ePrint. I am now able to email documents and pictures to print directly to my printer simply by using my ePrint email address. Shhh…don’t tell, but when I go to BlogHer this year, I am going to email them a picture of me saying I love you. I am sure they will be so surprised when the printer just starts to print out of the blue! Jakobi has a photo book that he keeps all of his fun loose photographs in, but a few times a year we create a memory book together. Jakobi was so happy with his Pirate Hat picture, we ordered it for the cover of our memory book. Jakobi loves reading his books to his little brother rehashing all of his great memories of his life. It is a really funny site watching him share his entire life at his old age of five.

Craft like a Pirate!
Craft like a Pirate with HP Envy

Using the HP Envy 2, we can upload all of our family pictures with HP connected Photo powered by Snapfish. This sure makes it easy to create these photo memory books my son treats like treasure! (get it pirates-treasure!) I even scanned Treasure maps he makes for Mason to add to his memory book like the one below. There is a treasure chest, sun, pirate ship, a pirate sword and all of the secret hiding spots. I just know that when he is older, he will love looking back as much as he does now. You can find more information on the above products at HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One Printer. I wrote this review while participating in a program on behalf of HP and received an HP notebook, an HP printer, and a Snapfish gift card as part of my participation; however, all opinions presented are 100% my own.

Can you find the treasure?
Can you find the treasure?


  1. I would use this computer for my schooling. I take online classes and my laptop is VERY unreliable. Thanks for the give-away!

  2. So many possibilities! Currently using an aging hp laptop, and a very old photosmart for crafting. My daughters imaginations are endless.

  3. I love his little drawing! The color is so thick! I swear everytime I print out anything color is looks blothcy! I will have to check out this printer in stores too! Thanks!

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