Have Sweet Dreams And Sleep Well With Jijams

When you are expecting a baby, many people will be happy to tell you how much sleep you will lose. They will share stories of sleepless nights with crying, colic, teething and more. You are prepared to be a zombie for the first few months of parenthood. What you are surprised to find is the lack of sleep continues longer than the first several weeks after birth. Many parents will finally admit they may still not get a full nights sleep after several years! Yikes! Kids will still get up for water, another story or because they had a nightmare. These visits will keep your sleep interrupted at least a few nights a week. Bearing that in mind, the least you can do for yourself is get the most from your resting time. One of the foundations for you to have sweet dreams and sleep well is to be comfortable. If you are wearing the luxurious Prima cottom pajamas from Jijams, you are sure to have a very comfortable night.

How To Have Sweet Dreams And Sleep Well

The story of the beginnings of jijams began like so many before them; with a great idea. A husband and wife who lived through their sleepless nights of parenting were convinced their kids slept better at night in part because they had awesomely comfortable pajamas. I mean, think about how incredibly soft little kids pajamas are. They are made with the softest of cotton and when you are comfortable, you rest better. So, the idea for big people pajamas that were made from ultra soft fabric that grown ups could enjoy was born. And so jijams women’s Soul Mate collection were showing ladies how to have sweet dreams and sleep well at night like their kids.

I was sent a pair of the women’s jijams Soul Mate pajamas, which can be purchased on the jijams website for $90 for the 2-piece set. You can choose from a variety of colors including lavender, pink, sky blue and grey. The sets come in striped tops or bottoms with the matching solid opposite, with the tops available in long or short sleeve. The Prima cotton, which is made in Peru, is said to be the softest cotton available on the planet. I concur completely because these are the softest pajamas you could imagine. The pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring and the pico hemmed wrists will never stretch out of shape. These are perfect for lounging, sleeping, cooking, talking on the phone, watering the plants or whatever you do in your day. If it were acceptable to wear these to the grocery store or to the office, I think folks would totally do it! If you are looking for the most comfy sleep ever, the Soul Mate pajamas from jijams are a safe bet.