Valentine's Day Gifts For Grandparents
Have you bought Valentine’s Day gifts for grandparents yet?  When I was growing up, my Gram was one of the most loved and important people in my life.  When my parents divorced when I was 8 and we moved out of state, Gram still faithfully acknowledged each day of significance with a card, gift, or some other trinket or memento.  One year when I was opening my Valentine’s Day card from Gram, my mom asked me what I sent her for the occasion.  I looked at her thinking to myself, “Why would I send her something?”  while saying to mom, no I had not.  I realized then if my Gram was so important to me, I could at least let her know that by sending her a card, letter or handmade gift.  With my kids, they have always made something for their grandmothers each year at this time.  Here are some great ideas for gifts a grandparent may like:

Valentines Day Gifts For Grandparents

  • Foodie Basket:  My Gram loved it when my mom would get her a basket filled with smoked meats and cheeses.  Another favorite of hers was a basket with mixed fruit, which was always welcome and eaten pretty quickly!  You can find a huge assortment of baskets including, teddy bears, sweets or coffee.
  • Gift Card: Sending a grandparent a gift card to their favorite store either in their neighborhood or online is a great gift.  While most of our grandparents are on a fixed income, this would be a sensible and quite helpful gift as well.
  • Photos: My Gram absolutely loved receiving pictures of my sister and me each year.  My mom would take us to Sears or Penney’s to have our portraits made and we always sent a framed photo to Gram.  I continued the tradition with my kids for my own mother.
  • Jewelry: Most of the women I spoke with said they loved jewelry for Valentine’s Day, especially if it was something heartfelt, special and/or unique.  This year I thought it would be nice for the kids to give their grandmother a personalized necklace.  For those gifts of jewelry that are more special and personal, Silverado Jewelry is a fantastic place to shop.  You can find the gorgeous pieces from Silverado Jewelry online as well as at their Etsy shop, where you can admire her shop or make one of her designs a favorite.
  • Gag gift: If your grandparents have a sense of humor, consider getting them a tasteful gag gift. There are plenty of good ones out there that will surely give them a chuckle and some that are quite useful, too.


Personalized Jewelry For Grandparents

I have wanted to give personalized jewelry for grandparents for a few years now, so I was excited to see what I could find at Silverado Jewelry.  Stephanie Moran, the artist and owner of Silverado Jewelry has been making her stunning jewelry from her home for more than six years now.  With degrees in Geology and Fine Arts, I think designing jewelry was a natural and logical choice for her.  With her background, Stephanie works with the most amazing stones and metals and her attention to detail can be seen in every facet of her work.  I chose the gorgeous 3 Disc Personalized Hand Stamped Necklace ($51.00) with 3 names and their matching birthstones.  I was just thrilled with how the necklace turned out.  The chain is delicate but holds its own against the multiple discs and stones and the lettering in nice and even.  I cannot wait to be able to give this gift in person and see the tears that are most assuredly going to flow!


  1. What beautiful jewelry! My daughter sent a card to her Grandmother this year. I bet she would love to give her something from here for Grandparent’s Day!

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