Healthy Organic Snack Ideas I have always been a huge snacker and I have not always chosen those foods wisely. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I usually eat ice cream, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and the like for a snack. Because of my unhealthy choices, these snacks have showed up on my waist, hips, and backside, just to name a few areas. Now that I have turned 51, I have been re-evaluating my diet and have made a lot of changes in how I eat. I have realized along the way snacking does not need to have the negative connotation I have given it in the past. If I can choose to eat a healthier snack and time it properly, they can actually be a positive part of my diet. Since going organic and Non-GMO, I have flipped the switch on my thinking. Now I eat completely different snacks and they have helped me lose weight. Here are my top favorites: 5 Healthy And Organic Snack Ideas

5 Healthy And Organic Snack Ideas

  1. Fruits: I like fruits, but I do not always eat them as I should. Now that I have begun eating healthier, I eat fruit as a snack at least twice a day. I love to snack on organic apple slices or bananas and strawberries mixed together. I have also developed a liking for dried cranberries, which are yummy in my cereal or on their own.
  2. Veggies: I never thought about eating veggies for snacks, but there are a few with a sweet flavor I actually like. I love red and orange organic bell peppers and cut them in slices and put them in baggies. I can grab a baggie and take it to the park and munch while the kids are playing.
  3. Chips: I was never a huge chip eater, but I do like the occasional crunchy and salty snack. I have found black bean chips at my organic food store and they are so yummy! I also love the whole wheat and pumpernickel pretzels you can find at Trader Joe’s.
  4. Nut Butters: You have to make sure which nut butters you choose as some have extra sugars and hydrogenated oils in them. Your organic health food store should have a variety of GMO free spreads which are lower in sugar. Some will have added flavors like gingerbread or cinnamon and some have raisins added. These are super yummy healthy organic snack ideas with apple slices or spread on whole grain bread.
  5. Energy Bars: I have an energy bar almost every morning for breakfast. I love my bars packed with fruit, nuts, and any other organic yummies I can find. The problem I have is not being able to find a combination I really like in one bar. That is, until I found Element Bars, where I can build my own customized energy bar.

Element Bars Before I found Element Bars, I would search the energy bar aisle for the perfect combination of ingredients in one bar. I would find one bar with coconut and chocolate but no cranberries or I would find peanuts and chocolate but no raisins. With Element Bars, I can put together a bar with my own choice of sweets, nuts, chocolate and more in either a chewy or crunchy bar. I can add ingredients with anti-oxidant boosts, brain power, GI health, heart or muscle strength. I can also choose from a variety of bars for endurance or vitality or from their classic line. Seriously, you can create the perfect bar that is right just for you!

Because I am eating all organic now, I wanted to choose a bar with only organic ingredients. I had so many ingredients to choose from, it was hard to make up my mind! I finally decided on a chewy bar with cranberries, flaxseeds and almonds and I called it “Kelly’s Organic Snack Yummy O’liciousness. This bar is the perfect start to my day! I can grab one with a bottle of water and I have a healthy start to my day and I am full until snack time. I also received several other delicious bars, all of which are gone now, including Almond Sunrise, Autumn Blueberry, and Chocolate Cherry. The bars range in price from $1.99 to $2.99 and can be purchased individually or a box of 12. Be sure to head over to Element Bars and create your bar today! Stay current with Element Bars and follow them on Twitter. One USA reader will win one Element Bars Variety Pack ARV $24

What is your favorite healthy snack?


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