Healthy Snacks For School Lunches

If you have school age kids, you know how difficult it can be to ensure they are eating a healthy lunch. It is encouraging to know schools are making strides in serving a more tasty and healthy lunch in the cafeteria. If you have kids who are picky eaters, they may not want to eat the lunch their school provides. If that sounds familiar, you probably pack a lunch for your little one. To make this more appealing, it is recommended you add healthy snacks for school lunches. Are your kids huge fruit lovers? Are you you a busy mom who does not have time to go chopping and cutting a bunch a fruit for lunch? How about trying a revolutionary product that from Buddy Fruits that is all natural fruit, is delicious and is portable?

Buddy Fruits

Healthy Snacks For School Lunches

For many parents,  once you have packed a few school lunches, you have gotten it down to a science. You get the protein, the carb, the drink and the veggie sticks, the fruit and the snack. After you get all that pulled together, you have a great looking lunch that your kids will enjoy. With Buddy Fruits, you get innovative and healthy snacks for school lunches.  The idea of snack pouches can be traced back to  France where the residents eat lots of fruits and veggies.  Fruit pouches are available just about everywhere and because they are so easy to transport, they are really popular.

The idea to bring fruit pouches to the USA came from a road trip a family fro France took down the infamous Route 66. When the chef and his family were looking for  fruit pouches they had in France were not available in America.  When they came back in 2007, they had lots of fruit pouches with them. People loved the pouches, so the chef and his family moved from France and started Buddy Fruits.  You will find only 100% natural products in Buddy Fruits.  There are no preservatives, additives or anything else that is unhealthy in these pouches.  All you get is fruit…100% fruit, just the way it was intended! You can find Buddy fruits at Walmart, Target Cafe and other fine stores that carry fruits and fruit products. As part of the Buddy Fruits back-to-school campaign, they are giving away a year supply of Buddy Fruits! You can enter to win from August 15th through September 30th on their website.

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The pouches for the back-to-school giveaway came in this uber-cute basket. Since this is Jakobi’s first year in Kindergarten, I like to help out his class as much as possible. His teacher has 17 kids in the class!! A few of the parents volunteer to bring in treats for the kids that are healthy. I thought these Buddy Fruit pouches were perfect, and when I brought the basket into class, the teacher was so pleased they were good for you! I also let her keep all the goodies to add to the treasure box! You can win this very same basket, by filling out the Giveaway Tools form below.


  1. I honestly think my family would love every single item from buddy fruits……the orange fruit bites is one I know would be a favorite, as well as many others. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. What is NOT to like a bout Buddy Fruits??? I did not know they also made Apple Chips.. OH I LOVE those chips! And now they are handy for the kids’ lunches, too. and Smoothies! I would like those for the kids, too.

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