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Healthy Snacks Monthly Subscription Box From NatureBox Sweepstakes


Healthy Snacks Monthly Subscription Box

I have been interested in finding a healthy snacks monthly subscription.  My kids and I are big snackers and munchers and I just can’t stand paying the price we do for snacks that are not healthy.  If we are going to graze while we are hanging out, the least I can do is serve my family a healthier alternative to the foods that are high in sugar, sodium and fat.  That is a very unhealthy trio that everyone needs to avoid if they want to stay healthy.  If you have ever looked at the nutritional information on the back of a box or bag of snacks, I bet you were floored at the numbers!  I had no idea that most of the snacks on the market today are really bad for you!  I thought the idea of a monthly subscription for healthy snacks was perfect for my family.  The closest natural food store to me is over 20 miles away, and I just can’t make that drive once or twice a week.  I hate that I had to make that decision, because it makes me feel that I am putting money before my family’s health.

NatureBox is an extremely clever company that provides a much needed service.  With this monthly goody box you are able to try new foods that are a healthy alternative to store bought foods.  Each month you will receive 4-6 bags of NatureBox snacks, which yields between 15 and 20 servings.  The nutritionist approved snacks you get from NatureBox are processed very little, if at all and the ingredients are natural and wholesome. If you have dietary restrictions, the folks at NatureBox are happy to help you choose a box that works best for you.  The convenient zip lock pouches your NatureBox snacks come in makes it easy to bring them with you on a trip to the park, camping or any other adventure you want to go on.  You can have NatureBox delivered right to your door and you can pay month to month, for 6 months or a year.  If you choose the 6 month commitment, you receive one free month and if you choose the one year commitment, you will receive 3 months free. Now that is an awesome deal!!  I love that for every NatureBox sold, the company donates one meal to the over 14 million children who go hungry each day.

Snacks That Are Good For You

As a parent, I am always on the look-out for snacks that are good for you.  With the variety and quality snacks NatureBox sends out each month, you can be assured that you are doing the right thing for you and your family.  The NatureBox ($19.95) I received had some really delicious snacks in it including toasted sesame sticks, dried pineapple slices (YUM), and umami roasted nuts, pistachio power clusters and apple orchard granola.  Let me tell you how delicious the apple orchard granola is with vanilla yogurt!!  The kids like it on top of frozen yogurt, which looked very tempting.  I was surprised that the portions were so generous and there was plenty to share with the family and friends alike.  I love the idea of giving a monthly subscription as a gift.  What a personal and unique present that is!  My kids and I are completely in love with NatureBox and I am all about getting started with a long term relationship with them.

You can use the promo code APPLE25 for 25% off your first month of subscription and is only good for the month-to-month subscription.

One reader will win one Nature Box ARV $19.95

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