Healthy Tea That Tastes Good

Healthy Tea That Tastes Good

I really love tea and it is a bonus if I can find healthy tea that tastes good.  I am happy to see many coffee houses and restaurant are beginning to carry more variety than the standard ice/hot tea from that big tea company.  Did you know that drinking tea actually began in the Japanese culture?  Although the Japanese knew that drinking tea was good for you, it was centuries before they knew which ingredients were responsible.  Now we know that tea has health benefits for your heart, antioxidants for overall wellness and some studies have shown a link to tea and lowering cancer rates. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world (after water) and with its health benefits, it is gaining in popularity.  One company who has a rich history in tea blending is Kusmi Tea.

At the age of 14, Pavel Kousmichoff got a job as a delivery boy for a tea merchant in St. Petersburg Russia.  As he grew older, he was taught the art of blending teas.  Upon his marriage in 1867, his employer gave a small tea house as a wedding gift. By 1901Pavel owned 11 tea houses, making him one of the biggest tea companies in Russia.  In 1901, Pavel’s oldest son, who was now a master tea blender was brought into the business and after the death of his father in 1908, he took over the business and expanded to include 51 tea houses. Although Pavel’s son Constantin took over in 1946, it did not maintain the glory it had built.  The company was sold in 2003 but the Kusmi tradition of blending fine teas lives on.

Delicious Tea For Everyone

I love that Kusmi Tea has a variety of delicious tea for everyone.  In my family we all like different flavors, so a variety pack from Kusmi (valued from $23.95 for an assortment of 5 up to $96 for 15 flavors) is just the right fit for us.  I was able to review an assortment of teas from Kusmi and it was funny to see each of us grab a different blend.  My husband likes the fruit infused teas while I like the green teas.  My kids have not quite developed their pallets, so they are Earl Grey all the way.  I was most intrigued by the wellness pack Kusmi offers.  You can get detox, boost or even love!!  You gotta love that, right?  If you are a tea connoisseur, you will have a great time trying to decide which flavors to try.  It is a bit daunting when trying to narrow your choices down when there are so many!!  Thank you Kusmi for carrying on the tradition that started so many years ago.

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