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Heart For Heart Girls Party From Mommy Parties Review

Heart For Heart Girls Party From Mommy Parties Review

My family was selected to participate in a Heart for Heart Girls party.  Anytime Mommy Parties organizes a party, rest assured it is going to a good one!  I am always happy to share a party with my friends and neighbors, especially when it is a Heart for Heart Girls party!  I was not familiar with the Heart For Heart Girls, so I wanted to learn about them when I knew we were going to be hosting a Mommy Parties event.  In case you aren’t familiar, I will give you a brief history.  Playmates Toys is the company behind Heart For Heart Girls and they are one of the leaders in the toy industry.   With more than 40 years of experience in the toy business, you know you are dealing with a company that is well respected and has their pulse on what is hot in the toy world.  If you want to see more about Mommy Parties you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

The Heart For Heart Girls were created from stories of real girls all over the world.  Each story shows the desire of these girls to make the world a better place not only for them but for others.  The mission of these girls is to make changes on a local level which will in turn make an impact world-wide.  For every doll you purchase, a percentage goes to World Vision who makes sure the money is used where the needs are the highest.  The monies go to education, wellness, anti-malaria nets and much more.  Each Heart For Heart Doll represents a girl in that country. There is a girl from India, the USA and Mexico.  Each doll is dressed in the style of the clothing in their part of the world.   You can see more Heart For Heart Girls by liking them on Facebook.

We had such a great time at our Heart For Heart Girls party from Mommy Parties.  Our party package included 2 dolls, bracelets, “passports” as well as game and menu suggestions.  We were given a doll for the host and one to raffle off.  We received the Consuelo doll from Mexico and the Zelia doll from Brazil. The dolls are very well made, have posable arms and legs and each doll has a colorful outfit that is representative of that country. Each doll stands 14” tall and they come with a booklet which gives you a background of the story behind that doll.  The girls at the party had a lot of fun passing the dolls around and reading their booklets as well as wearing their bracelet with the pretty purple heart charms.  After we finished lunch, we played a few of the games from our party pack and then raffled off one of the dolls.  Our good friend’s daughter won the Consuelo doll and she could not wait to show her off to her mom.  My daughter Caitlin received the Zelia doll and she and Anna spent the better part of the afternoon trading clothes, filling out their passports and styling their dolls hair.  We all really enjoyed out Heart For Heart Girls party from Mommy Parties and are looking forward to the next party Mommy Parties is going to organize.


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