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Helmet Diving Jeannie’s Beach, Cozumel Mexico

While on a Princess Cruise, we had the opportunity to go Helmet Diving Jeannie’s Beach, Cozumel Mexico. Helmet diving grants you access to walk on the ocean floor aided only by a special dry helmet that allows you to breathe unencumbered with a constant supply of air. The air supply stays on the surface, supplying you with air throughout the tour and allowing you to enjoy the underwater landscape without any heavy air tanks, you can even wear your prescription eyeglasses! For me such an experience was a no brainer, I had to go!
Helmet Diving Jeannie’s Beach, Cozumel Mexico
All of the Princess Cruise passengers taking advantage of the Helmet Diving Jeannie’s Beach, Cozumel Mexico were to take taxis from the Cozumel port to the excursion location at Jeannie’s Beach. Once we arrived they spent about ten minutes briefing every one of the safety precautions and procedures, then off they sent us to change into our bathing suits!

Once changed, we headed down the docks with helmets in hand. Standing in the water, with your head still above the water line, you don your helmet. There is no need to fear floating off, there are anchored ropes to hold as you walk the paths. The path takes you passed a downed plane, a man-made reef and tons of sea creatures! There were dazzling sea anemones, urchins and swirling schools of fish! The red fish even come right up to your helmet full of curiosity and without fear.

The only real trick was getting used to the change in balance. The helmet weighs about 15 lbs so at times I felt off balance. At times I felt a touch claustrophobic, which is mostly due to me large head and nose squished a bit against the glass, but let me be clear in saying that none of this slowed or lessened my fun! 

After about 45 mins to an hour our group of 6, half guides, headed back toward shore. To ensure proper pressure adjustment within the body, the helmets are removed before you swim back to surface. Once up top, we bid farewell to our guides and made our way back to the cruise ship to share our stories with newly made friends!

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