Help Donate Food for Pets in Need And #KeepLoveStrong

Many of us have pets who we love, play with and care for. In our home, we have two cats, Fat Hazel and Meep. I also have 2 grand dogs who live neat by who go by Ringo and Elvis. We love these animals as if they were a son or daughter or sister or brother. They bring us so much laughter and joy and I cannot imagine life without them. As a matter of fact, my faithful companion Fat Hazel, lays on my legs as I work each day. As a matter of face, my left leg is going to sleep as I type this post! What breaks my heart is the fact that over 8 million pets are either abandoned or taken to shelters each year in the US. Where will those pets go to keep warm or to get a good meal as the weather gets colder? This worries me and as I look at my beautiful Hazel, I know we need to make a difference. With the help of the IAMS pet food company, they gave people a way to donate food for pets in need through their #KeepLoveStrong program.
How You Can Help Donate Food for Pets

How You Can Donate Food For Pets

The IAMS Company got its start back in 1946 when Paul F Iams decided to create a high quality premium food for cats and dogs. Paul envisioned a product that would help give pets a long, happy and healthy life. He spent a lot of time with breeders and nutritionists to get the perfect balance of protein and fat for the food. For our pets, we believe in the IAMS products and would not dream of serving them anything else for their diet. Recently, the IAMS Company took a real story from their “Love Tails” Facebook contest and have turned it into a national commercial. The story is about the special relationship between Derek Underwood and his trained therapy dog, Brooks. I am so honored to bring you a link to the video so you can see their unique story yourself. During the month of September, from the 16th through the 30th, IAMS donated a bowl of food to pets in need every time someone used the #KeepLoveStrong hashtag. So now the donation period has ended, how can you help donate food for pets in need? Our family has a shelter close by and once a month, we buy an extra bag of dog food and take it over to them. We also do this with treats, toys and other accessories we accumulate for our pets.

I was sent a 15 pound bag of the IAMS ProActive Health MiniChunks Dog Food, which retails for $17.97 at Walmart. This dog food gives your dog essential nutrients, as well give your dog a healthy skin and coat. It has healthy ingredients like Omega-6s and prebiotics and beet pulp to aid in healthy digestion. The l-carnitine helps to keep your dog at a healthier weight and builds strong, firm muscles with protein sourced from chicken and eggs. The essential minerals to help maintain strong bones and the crunchy kibbles keep your pup’s teeth clean. To serve the IAMS MiniChunks to Ringo and Elvia, we were also sent an IAMS dog food bowl and scoop. In the spirit of the love of pets and keeping those pets in need fed, we donated our goodies from IAMS to the Young Williams Animal Shelter here in Knoxville. Be sure to follow IAMS on Facebook as well as Twitter to stay current with their latest deals, info and products.

One USA reader will win an IAMS Love Tails Celebration Prize Pack (ARV $40), which includes one 15 lb bag IAMS MiniChunks, 1 IAMS dog food bowl and 1 IAMS dog food scoop.


  1. I would like the IAMS® So Good™ with Savory Chicken & the Iams Woof Delights Hearty Party of Chicken & Beef Stew Wet Dog Food !

  2. I thnk my pups would most like the shakeable dog treats! Thanks for the review and for the chance to win this giveaway!

  3. I have 2 beagles who are prone to getting fat so I’d like to try them with Iams® ProActive Health™ Adult Weight Control.

  4. Just found out my dog is allergic to his food would klove to try a lamb and rice he is suppose to start that now

  5. I would like to try the IAMS® Sensitive Naturals™ Ocean Fish, Rice & Barley Recipe. My moms chihuaha is sensitive to a lot of foods. Iams is one of the only brands he can eat. I think this one would be great for him, and I love how it is natural

  6. My 14 year old Beagle and my 10 year old Chihuahua would like senior food if possible. My 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix would love any of the IAMS dry food. This would be a great help, as we are struggling to feed 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 rabbits.

  7. My dogs would like the Iams Woof Delights Hearty Party of Chicken & Beef Stew Wet Dog Food.

    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  8. I would like Iams Premium Protection would be best for my cat. Thanks for the giveaway and for participating in caring for hungry cats and dogs.

  9. Both my cat & dogs love the Proactive Heath brand! We’ve literally spent thousands on these foods. It would be lovely to win!

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