Help Kids With Their Wake And Sleep Cycles From Zazoo Kids Sweepstakes

Help Kids With Their Wake And Sleep Cycles

Do you need to help kids with their wake and sleep cycles?  Children who have issues with their wake and sleep cycles is a common problem with many families.  Another sleep issue many families face is confusion on nap times.  When children move from their cribs into a “big kid” bed, it is easy for them to adjust to the freedom they have while still being young enough to warrant a nap.  The problem many parents face when trying to help their children with nap and sleep issues is figuring out how!  Most kids are too young to read a clock and understand pm versus am and napping versus sleeping.  There are a handful of tools out there that range from a light up toy, sound machines, digital clocks with an alarm and that is just a few.  Parents and kids need something that is easy for a child as young as 3 to understand and easy enough for parents to operate.

Zazoo Kids is an innovative company that has found an exciting and clever tool to help families with their sleeping and waking problems.  This company has developed a photo clock that has a digital number display as well as photos that depict night or day.  The Zazoo photo clock has programmed a handful of images to choose from or you can download your own pictures.  The main idea one mother of 3 from Chicago, IL had was to allow kids to “see” the time before they can read a clock.  After speaking with many parents and children and considering their valuable input, the Zazoo Photo Clock was born!
Programmable Clock For Kids

Programmable Clock For Kids

I love the idea that the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock ($89.99) is a programmable clock for kids, no matter their age.  If your child is too young to read, you can use pictures to help them know when it is night and when it is day.  You can find a picture of the sun for day and a picture of twilight (the time of day, not the movie).  Another idea is to take a picture of your child when they are awake and playing and another of them resting or sleeping.  If your child is older and they can tell time, you can choose the digital number display.  The clock is super easy to program because the instructions are very easy to understand and follow.  It only takes a few minutes to get the photo clock all set.  The clock comes with a power cord, a remote and it has a built in stand to sit it next to your child’s bed.  For our house, even though Henry is 11, due to his autism, he cannot tell time, even a digital display, so the pictures from the Zazoo clock are so helpful.  Not only does Henry have insomnia and night terrors, he is also home schooled, which makes his sleep schedule wacky.  We have programmed the clock so he can rest when he sees the night time picture, whether it is night time or nap time, it works well for either.  With Caitlin in public school, she is on a totally different schedule, so she has her own alarm clock in her room.  On the nights that Henry has had insomnia, I bring the Zazoo clock into my room and I will program it for a nap before Caitlin gets home from school.  This way, he is awake when she comes home and he isn’t so irritable.  I know it is unusual for an 11 year old to take naps, but when you are running on just a few hours of sleep, a nap is much needed.  If you are experiencing sleep issues with your child, the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock is great.

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