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Well, it’s that time of year again! School has started and you and the kids are rushing around to soccer practices and gymnastics meets. You anticipate the busy schedules, and you know that days can go from start to finish leaving you with no time to stop and relax. You have no time to rest, so you certainly have no time to nurse a headache! When a headache hits it can have little warning and can leave you debilitated and trying to operate through a groggy haze of pain. The makers of Excedrin recently took a survey. In their survey, 69% of parents said that they were excited for their child’s first day of school. However, despite 69% of parents being excited for school to start, 44% of parents also say they expect to get a headache during the back to school season!  More than one-third of parents responded that getting themselves and their children back on a schedule at the top of the list of things that might cause their headaches during the back to school season.

You can’t afford to be groggy and dull from a headache during the back to school season. Your kids need you to be alert and ready for full days of school activities. If you’re one of those parents who expects a headache, it is a good idea to pick up some Excedrin while you’re shopping for other back to school supplies! And now when you buy Excedrin you’re able to enter for a chance to win $10,000 for your child’s school through the “Help Your School Excel with Excedrin” Sweepstakes! In another survey given by Excedrin, a large majority of parents (85%) think their schools are in need of new or upgraded supplies such as pencils and paper and computers or software and gym/sporting equipment! That’s a big deal to the makers of Excedrin! If you want a chance to win $10,000 for your child’s school, simply visit to enter.