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If your kids are in daycare or school, they are going to bring home germs. As a matter of fact, wherever groups of children gather is one of the main ways germs get spread. Kids, especially younger ones, are more susceptible to getting sick because their immune system has not built up like that of an adult. This is why your kids may get sick more often than you or other adults will. Did you know that the average kid in America will get sick 6-10 times per year? As it turns out, these kids make up the bulk of doctor or hospital visits which lead to missed school days. When kids are in school, they touch a lot of things other kids have touched like crayons, toys, books and other classroom tools. All it takes is one child who is carrying a virus or bacteria that has not matured yet to get several classmates sick. Teachers or a custodian wipe things down at the end of the day, but as soon as that kid who is a carrier touches one thing and another uses it next, the spread is on. In the fight to help stop spreading germs at school, The Healthy School Project is fighting them where they start.

Help Stop Spreading Germs At School

Help Stop Spreading Germs At School

This project is a program developed to help educate and motivate kids, teachers and the other staff members at schools about good hand hygiene. Hand Hygiene is the number one way you can kill germs and bacteria that causes illnesses. The goal of The Healthy School Project is to provide schools with the proper tools to break the chain and help stop spreading germs at school. If everyone involved in the participation of the program were to practice good hand hygiene, the number of sick kids and missed school days would drop dramatically. The most important part of the The Healthy Schools Project is the Healthy Classroom Station. This sturdy kid friendly caddy holds the items needed to promote good hand hygiene.

The Station comes with one of each of:

  • Classroom Caddy
  • KLEENEX® Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer
  • KLEENEX® Anti-Viral Facial Tissue
  • SCOTT® Surface Wipes
  • The Healthy Schools Project* Brochure
  • Healthy Classroom Station Flyer
  • Three Germ Awareness Clings
  • Hand Washing Poster

The Healthy Schools Project is a fantastic way to spread good habits instead of germs in the classroom. The Healthy Classroom Station is available to parents, teachers or anyone who would like a station for their class, workplace, daycare or home and can be purchased at Amazon.