The month of October was breast cancer awareness month.  Although I have not had anyone I know personally affected by breast cancer I have had a friend diagnosed with colon cancer.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer a little over a year ago, and it was the day after we just celebrated his engagement party.  My husband was absolutely devastated with this diagnosis since this was his childhood friend.

Help The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Thankfully, after going through many rounds of chemotherapy he is now cancer free.  However, there are many who get the diagnosis of cancer that are not so lucky.  There are so many organizations that are dedicated to help the fight against breast cancer, but we need more.  There are way too many people who die each year from breast cancer.  A cure for breast cancer, and so many other terminal diseases needs to be found.

There is a platform called cureLauncher just launched in October 2012 that raises funds for medical research.  The founder of cureLauncher, Stephen J. Goldner, JD RAC began this platform because of how much medical research is denied funding because of governmental bureaucracy.  This platform allows any common person to help create breakthroughs in medical treatments for people who need those cures.

Currently they are accepting donations to help support research on a new drug to treat breast cancer and tumors that spread elsewhere.  All the funding that is received throughout the month goes directly to the researchers so they do not have to wait years to find out if a grant has been approved.  This allows research to continue uninterrupted.

Once you visit cureLauncher, you can see and hear what the researchers are doing.  If you are a funder, an email report will be sent to you directly each month so you can remain informed on what is going on with the research and what advancements have been made.  You even have direct access to the inventors through email to get their ideas of what the best medical treatments are for you or someone else.

This is a great way to get medical funding where it needs to be and help fight disease faster than ever before.  In this season of giving, wouldn’t it be great to be a part of the fight against cancer’s research?