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using computer for music

One of my Favorite ways to entertain myself and sometimes even other people is sit around with my guitar and play music. I’ve even been known to write a song or two every now and then, or should I say lyrics to a song. I find writing the words to a song to be a lot easier than actually composing it into a song. That’s the real work. I also like dabble in mixed media art, and as I look around town on my daily travels I am often inspired with ideas for art work or songs. The problem with getting inspiration while on the move is that the idea can go away as fast as it came to you. That’s the reason it’s important get that thought on to something permanent. I have a few helpful hints to help you nurture your creativity on the go and keep the artistic flame burning.

nite pickin

Creativity On The Go: If You Don’t Write It Down It Didn’t Happen

  • Write It Down: I always carry a pencil and a pad of paper. You Never know when a line for a song or and idea about a project will pop into your head. That idea can disappear in a matter of minutes so write it down as soon as possible. You can keep notes on a Lenovo Yoga 3 with the notes or sticky pad apps.
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words:  When you see something that just blows you away and inspires you to want to create something of your own, no note will do. Take a picture so that you can see the exact thing that inspired you later.
  • Record Your Creativity: Often enough I will write something down and later lose what it meant in the context of the situation. That’s where being able to record your thoughts, inspiration or song idea exactly will save the day. My Intel 2 in 1 gives me all the tools I need to preserve my muse intact.vr

Whether I am singing to myself so that I can remember the feeling I had when the line or melody for a song came to me or sketching out a drawing for an artistic idea or even taking a photo or video of something that inspires me, my Lenovo Yoga 3 with Intel has everything I need to keep my ideas and inspirations on tap.  I carry it everywhere.  It comes equipped with Windows 8 and access to any app you could dream of.

I use the guitar tuner to keep my banjo in tune. It is very easy to use & I can check my voice as well.

guitar app

The touch screen allows me sketch my ideas out in color. I use the voice recorder to sing out my tunes when funk comes over me and the camera takes unbelievable photos and videos to preserve the moment exactly as it happened. It even has sticky notes for those quick thoughts. The bottom line is the my Lenovo Yoga 3 with Intel is the ultimate tool for keeping the creativity alive.

Where’s your favorite place to sing like a rockstar?