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Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Furniture During a Move


Are you planning a move? If you are, you have two options. To hire a professional removal service like Platinum Furniture Removals, or to handle the process on your own. Whichever you choose, chances are you want to make sure your items remain intact and damage-free.

If you don’t take the proper precautions, then your wood furniture may get gouged, your upholstery may rip, and glass can break.

Due to all the issues that may occur, you need to learn how to protect your furniture during every phase of your move. The good news is, with the needed supplies and a few easy tricks, you can easily move your more fragile furniture without having to worry about damage.

Use the furniture packing tips here to ensure your furniture remains damage free during a move.

Gather the Right Packing Supplies

There’s a common moving myth that all you have to do is purchase some basic moving supplies to protect your belongings, such as cardboard boxes, some tape and moving blankets. Even though these items can work, when you invest in a few more supplies, it will ensure your move into a new home or to a storage facility is seamless.

You can shop for the additional items at a local hardware store, or even online. Some of the items to add to your list include:

  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Mattress and sofa covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap

With these items, you will be fully prepared for the moving process and be able to prevent any type of damage.

Prep Your Furniture for Packing

Before you start packing anything, you need to carefully dust and clean all of your furniture. Dust, along with other debris, can scratch the hard surfaces while you move. Also, when you clean everything before a move, you won’t be dragging any unnecessary dirt into your new home.

It’s a good idea to remove all pulls, casters and knobs from your furniture, too. Take the drawers out of the desks and dressers and pack other items inside. This provides you with additional storage space, while making heavy furniture lighter for your move.

Dismantle Your Furniture Ahead of Time

If possible, it’s a good idea to take your furniture apart completely. Remove the legs from tables and your couches and take bed frames apart.

If you have furniture that can be dismantled, do it. This makes it easier to move and helps to prevent damage.

Wrap Your Furniture Properly

Plastic sheeting and bubble wrap are two of the best tools available when you are ready to move your furniture. You can use the bubble wrap to protect the delicate wood pieces.

Plastic wrap or plastic sofa covers will provide superior protection for your upholstered items. If you don’t have these things, you can use packing blankets, but you need to ensure there is some type of protection for your furniture.

You can also use the bubble wrap to protect your glass table tops and any mirrors you are moving. Taping a large “X” on the item using painter’s tape can be helpful, so that if it does break, it won’t be as likely to shatter.

Remember, the way you put everything inside of the moving truck is also important. You need to ensure that nothing is in a position where it will suffer damage, or cause damage to something else.

By having a plan and using the tips here, you can feel confident that all of your furniture and personal belongings will arrive at your new home in the same condition they were in when you left.

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