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I have been on my journey to become the healthy person I want to be for a long time. I have made exercising a part of my life instead of that thing you do to lose weight. I love how my body, mind and spirit feel after I exercise, especially when I do yoga. I have also been making changes in my diet so that I am taking out the unhealthy ingredients and foods and replacing them with the healthier choices. My family’s health is also very important to me, so I have been changing their diets as well. I have tried a lot of foods, looking for all natural healthy ingredients that taste good and that my husband and kids would eat as well. One company that meets all of those criteria is Wellness Foods from Canada. This all female owned and operated company has dedicated their focus on bringing their customers the healthiest and most flavorful ingredients,  These high protein snacks are affordable, gluten free, great for weight loss and they are snacks that satisfy your hunger.
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High Protein Snacks That Satisfy

One of the qualities I have been looking for in a healthy snack is if it will keep me full. I also wanted to find high protein snacks that satisfy my desire for crunchy as well as sweet foods. The chips and bars from Wellness Foods completely filled that bill for myself and my family. I was sent an assortment of their low sugar protein bars and protein chips. The two flavors of the chips, Herb and and Chili allow your mouth to go on a roller coaster of flavor. If you are interested in a snack that will give you what you need whether you are trying to lose weight, are an athlete or just want a healthier snack, these are perfect! The Simply snacks are all natural and gluten free, as well as  are low in sugar and and fat and are also kosher.

There are 15 grams of protein in each bag of Simply Protein Chips as well as only 2 grams of sugar and 140 calories. My dad is the one who needs to watch the dangers of traditional chips, but is addicted to the bad brands. He loved these, and even praised many flavors I had him try. Above, he is eating the pomegranate. You cannot find this much protein in a chip, especially if they are going to taste this good. With the bars you get a choice of either Protein or Whey, depending on your dietary needs. The Simply Whey Bars are free of peanut, tree nuts and soy, have 15 grams of protein and just 4 grams of sugar and come in flavors like Chocolate Mint, Coconut and Apple Cinnamon, there is sure to be a flavor each member of the family would love as much as ours did. The Simply Protein Bars have 16 grams of protein, tons of fiber but not much sugar and have such delicious flavors like Lemon Coconut, Peanut Butter and Cocoa Coffee. My family really enjoyed our treats from Wellness Foods and their prices are affordable, which is also important to me. You can purchase your Simply snacks online and the prices range from $30 for a box of 15 Simply Protein Bars to $24 for 24 bags.