Holiday Decorating With Christmas Wreaths

If you are watching television on Thanksgiving, you will probably see the first of many holiday ads on television. The day after Thanksgiving officially launches the time folks are getting ready for the major holidays. Some of you have already put up your tree and decorations after you finished your Thanksgiving meal, while others have yet to begin. While you are taking out the boxes filled with your holiday decorations, you take count of what you have and what you may need. You are checking the strands of lights to be sure they all work and making sure all your ornaments and knick knacks are intact. If you choose to buy a live tree, garland and other decor, now is the time to be shopping for those. One popular trend every year is holiday decorating with Christmas wreaths. One company with a huge selection of beautiful Christmas wreaths and ornaments is Christmas Forest.


Decorating With Christmas Wreaths From Christmas Forest

When you purchase your Christmas ornaments and wreaths from Christmas Forest, you are purchasing a bit of magic. Their first handmade wreath was sold in 1976 at the Pike Place Farmer’s Market and with it came the very essence of the holidays. Each item made comes from the hands of someone who loves keeping the spirit of the holidays alive all year round. When you are decorating with Christmas wreaths from Christmas Forest, you get the fresh evergreen scent of the Cascade Mountains. The products are each made by hand, so there are no two alike. With such a variety to choose from, you can decorate your home like no one else on the block.

I was sent the Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath, which you can purchase online from Christmas Forest for $51. This forest fresh wreath is 20″ is diameter, so you get a very generous sized product. The wreath comes with twinkling lights, bells and a a ton of unique ornaments. Each wreath is delivered to your door and with it comes the fresh scents of a freshly cut Christmas wreath. The wreath is perfect for your door, either inside or out or on your wall. If you like, you can put it on your holiday table with a pretty candle in the middle and you have a unique table setting. Whatever you order from the Christmas Forest, you are sure to be as happy as a Christmas elf! Be sure to show Christmas Forest some holiday spirit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win a Jingle Bell Wreath $51


  1. I like the Rudolph’s Favorite Wreath and the Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath.


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