Cafe Escapes Indulge Anytime

Holiday Stress Management Tips

  • Unplug Once a Week: Everyone these days is plugged in. When my family gets together, we have to force everyone to put down their electronics. The kids with their handheld games and cell phones, parents with smart devices and tablets, even Grandma has a Nook! Let your body (and devices) recharge and take sometime to read a book, play some music or take a walk.
  • Exercise: Yep, there is that dreaded word! It is true however, that exercise releases those much-needed stress-combating endorphins. There is a reason for the phrase, “Go walk it off.” Get a little flustered? Try a short walk around the block.
  • Find Joy In Your Holiday Duties: We all have a ton of things to do when the holidays come. There is decorating, cleaning, shopping, baking, wrapping, cards to write, and lists to make. I know that my work seems to come in triplicate at this time of year, so I always make sure that I truly enjoy myself with the “duties” that I enjoy. One of my favorite things to do is cook with my kids, so when I get to that part of my list, I make sure that I do not rush through it to get the task done, but actually relish in my chore.
  • Give to Charity: I always feel good when I can help someone else. When you are going through your cleaning duties to make room for Christmas loot, donate instead of selling on eBay. This way you can drop off all your stuff in one trip instead of making several trips to the post office.CE_Logo_Brown
  • Slow Down, Plan an Escape and Indulge: When was the last time you sat down and lingered over a cup of coffee and a good book? Why don’t you plan an escape? My favorite indulgence is coffee. Every day, I wake up before everyone else and make myself I cup of coffee with my Keurig. I really enjoy snuggling on the couch watching the sun rise while warming my hands with my cup. I breathe deeply and center myself, soon ready to start my day. Sometimes I only get five minutes before I hear the pitter-patter of toddler steps, but it is enough!
Green Mountain Coffee Café Escapes has several flavors (chai latte, cafe mocha, and on occassion a hot cocoa) that I love, so I like to buy them all and then mix and match from day to day. That is one my favorite things about owning a Keurig. I can change my flavor with every cup. This morning I indulged with a Café Vanilla. I love the creamy flavor and it paired well with the salted caramel bite I had! You can purchase the entire indulgent Café Escapes collection in 12-, 16-, and 24-count K-Cup boxes at grocery and retail stores nationwide, as well as online at and, for MSRP $8.79, $11.99, and $17.49, respectively.
My Submission On Instagram #IndulgeAnytime

Right now,  Café Escapes is having a promotion on Facebook where you can win a decadent prize-pack or a spa getaway weekend. Can you imagine the stress relief you would receive if you won! Well you cannot win, if you do not enter! Go ahead, Indulge Anytime. Café Escapes chooses two winners daily. Sweepstakes ends Jan 9.

Indulgent spa gift basket – daily prize

  • Luxury robe
  • Slippers
  • Vanilla scented candle
  • Wooden hand massager
  • Soft, luxury blanket
SAN DIEGO OR ATLANTA SPA WEEKEND – Every Monday a Grand Prize winner is chosen
  • Round-trip coach airfare for you and a guest from the major airport closest to your home to Atlanta, GA or San Diego, CA
  • Two nights accommodations at La Costa Resort & Spa or Chateau Elan
  • Rental Car
  • $800 to use towards the spa

Café Escapes is the brand of hot, flavored indulgent beverages that provide you an everyday treat and a chance to relax and savor a moment of your day, whether at home or at work.

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