HondaCivicTour 6

My sister, Kristen, and I are major music junkies. We both play multiple instruments and sing, and we eagerly seize every opportunity to enjoy live music. When I was offered the chance to go to Tampa for a weekend in September to see Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 on their Honda Civic Tour in concert my answer was a resounding, “YES!”

I knew instantly that I wanted to take my sister with me, but I decided not to tell her. I knew that she had both days off from work so I thought it would be really fun to surprise her.

I received my two tickets to the concert in the mail from the wonderful team at the Live Nation radio station and waited excitedly for my sister to get home from work. I had told her that I was going to attend a concert to see Kelly Clarkson and Marron 5, and she was incredibly jealous that I was going without her! When I told her that I wanted her to come with me she was so excited! So, we packed our overnight bags, fueled up the car, and hit the road for the two-hour drive to Tampa, FL for the show.

The roadtrip was pretty uneventful aside from our loud boisterous singing to Kristen’s road trip music playlist. We rolled into Tampa a little behind schedule and turned onto the road that the fairgrounds are situated on…and began waiting – and waiting – and waiting. Traffic was AWFUL! It was backed up for miles from the gates of the fairground, and up and down the long line of cars, people were waving handfuls of tickets to the concert, yelling things like, “Does anyone want tickets? Tickets for sale!” Ironically, there were nearly as many people who were empty-handed going around and asking for tickets.


We entered the fairgrounds (finally!) and the parking was actually pretty good! Granted, the concert was in the fairgrounds ampitheater, which meant about a five minute walk from parking to the concert, but we got a decent spot. We walked the five minutes to the ampitheater, and let me tell you it felt like way longer in my four-inch wedged sandals. I definitely should have reconsidered my choice in footwear for the evening, but I have such a weakness for cute shoes!

Before entering the ampitheater, we stopped to get our picture taken in front of the Maroon 5 trailer. I am a whopping five feet tall and I’m used to feeling like a short little person in a big, big world, but this trailer was huge! I had never been to a concert with such big headlining bands before. Most of my live music experience in the past has been going to see my different friends’ local bands playing in bars. They load their equipment into a pickup truck or SUV. This giant trailer put the bigness of everything into perspective for me! Kristen and I were going to see Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 LIVE in concert!!

I remember when Kelly Clarkson won American Idol in 2002. She was the cute bubbly Texan with a powerhouse voice that captivated the nation and skyrocketed her to instant fame and the title of American Idol. Her vocal performances are exhilarating and outstanding, and I look up to her so much as a musician. It was absolutely incredible to see her performing live! I will never forget it!


Kelly Clarkson’s performances are so passionate, and you can totally tell that everything she sings comes straight from her heart.

HondaCivicTour 4

Kelly was all about crowd interaction, and held the microphone out many times to encourage fans to sing along with her.


After Kelly Clarkson’s performance (which included stunning graphics on the giant screens, glow-paint, and a wardrobe change mid-set) there was an intermission to allow Kelly’s stage crew to pack up her gear and Maroon 5’s stage crew to load in their gear. During that time Kristen got popcorn (I am seriously addicted to popcorn – it’s my favorite snack!), and we watched the advertisements scroll across the giant screens above the stage. They played music videos, showed product adverts, and even had a phone number you could text to scroll anything you wanted to say across the bottom of the screens.

We boredly sat through the intermission and were almost getting impatient when the lights all went out. There was nothing but the colors of glow sticks and cheap light-strobing concert jewelry all around us. Then, as the air was thick with the din of thousands of voices, the music started and the crowd erupted in cheering and screaming as Maroon 5, dressed all in white, lit up the stage.

I am such a fangirl when it comes to Maroon 5. I know their songs, I know what band they were before they formed Maroon 5, and I have the biggest crush ever on Adam Levine, their frontman and lead vocalist. I was so excited to see them in concert!! It was an incredible, amazing, dazzling concert. I was enchanted for the entire night, and I was still dreamy about it the following day. I even still get excited when I talk about it!

Do you have a band that you would love to see in concert? Have you seen your favorite band play live before? Tell me about it in the comments!