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Honda Ev-STER Concept Car #smp13 #cas13

Honda Ev-STER Concept Car #smp13 #cas13

One of the most exciting cars I saw at the 2013 auto Show in Chicago had to be the Honda Ev-STER (Ev=Electric Vehicle and STER=Roadster) Concept Car.  This sporty roadster seats two, is powered by electricity and looks like something out of the move 2001: A Space Odyssey!  I just love the look of this car and spent a lot of time just walking around it and discovering all of the cool features.  The designers at Honda took a new approach when it came to designing this car and it shows.

Typically when a car is designed, you will have one design team who work on the outside design and another team who are working on the design of the interior.  That is not true with the Honda Ev-STER because they had one team who designed the car inside and out.  What Honda has done here was they broke ground and developed something the car industry has not seen; a sports car that is powered by electricity and I say it’s about time!

The Honda Ev-STER has been built with carbon fiber materials which make it more lightweight and it has been said the car can get an unbeatable 99 miles between charges. The small stature of the Honda Ev-STER may only be 59.1 inches, but it packs the power to make you think it is a much larger car.  Keeping in mind this is a concept car, there are many features that may or may not translate into the production line.  For instance, there is no steering wheel, but rather two joy sticks that you would use instead.  The thought process behind this is there would be less force used when turning corners than there is with a steering wheel.  As the car at the show did not have a top, there are rumors when the car is put into production, it may have a soft top. The dash board is full of solar panels and although they may only lend to powering the cars accessories, it represents the direction Honda wants to go in which is sustainable mobility.   As for the time frame that we could expect to see the car being built, produced and sold is being kept a secret over at the Honda camp.  If you ask me, I think that is a very smart decision as it will just build up the mystery and anticipation that will drive up sales.

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