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I am a TV junkie and when I have the time, I love to curl up on the sofa with the family and watch some of our favorite shows. We are a house divided when it comes to most of the shows we like to watch. The guys like sports, so ESPN is on a lot and when they want a laugh, they watch some of the dumbest shows! Caitlin is 15 and only watches the teen shows on Nick and once in a while will hang out with the guys watching wrestling. One of the few shows we all like to watch together is Project Runway and we have not missed one episode. Another thing the four of us can agree on is who our all time favorite designer and winner is: Jay McCarroll. I think Jay is an absolutely brilliant designer and I want to hang out with him sometime because I think he is hilarious and seems to have a good heart. When I found that Jay had a store, Jay McCarroll Online, I just knew I had to review a few items from his collection. I know that a lot of our readers have a great sense of fashion and would be very interested in seeing what Jay was doing lately.

 Hot Accessories From Jay McCarroll

Hot Accessories From Project Runway Winner Jay McCarroll

I have been following what Jay has been doing for several years and I continue to be amazed at the vast scope of his talent. I feel Jay knows what his customers want and like and he has a knack for delivering the perfect products! If you do not know about Jay, he studied fashion design at Philadelphia University, where he currently teaches as well as the London College of Fashion. I think Jay has such a gift for putting colors, patterns and textures together that in any other situation would not work together. When his General Manager, Jen offered to send me a few of the hot accessories from Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll, I could not have been happier! Jen sent me 3 pairs of very awesome socks and two of his Mini Zurich scarves, which are perfect for mixing and matching with his other scarves. Caitlin immediately volunteered to pose with a pair of the socks, and when we were done, she promptly stole them from me! The socks are made from high quality materials, are well made, the sewing is impeccable and they are so soft and comfy. The scarves are pretty and lightweight so you can wear them into the spring, which I love.

Socks From Jay

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion, enroll them in the Jay McCarroll Sock of the Month Club. You can choose from 12 designs, which the recipient will get each month for an entire year. Included in the order will be a personalized message and autographed picture of Jay. You can purchase socks individually for $10.00 or in a group of 4 for $32.00 or a group of 7, for $56.00. The Mini Zurich scarves are $12.00 along with his other scarves, stationary, eye wear, headbands and many other items.

Two Winners will each receive a 7 pack of socks ($56.00) in their choice of colorway.


  1. My favorite product is the Midtown Portland iPad Sleeve
    Product ID : IS-PORT-02
    Center City Collection by Jay McCarroll

  2. I like the Hermosa Eyewear(sunglasses) in black and his totes are really cute too.Thank you 🙂

  3. I like the socks best …the scarfs do look comfy and not bulky but I love having fun prints on my socks…kinda like a cheerful way to make the day better.

  4. Love their: Geneva
    Product ID : SF-GENE-11
    Lined Tubular Knit Infinity Scarf

  5. I like the socks in Spring Blossom and Helsinki Multi-Colored and Multi-Fabricated Striped Scarf.

  6. I like the Sock & Mini Zurich Combo Pack. I keep my house cold during the winter (17C which is in the low 60’sF). Since I am usually too hot anywhere but my house, I don’t have turtle neck tops. Sometimes the back of my neck is cold; adding an infinity scarf makes all the difference.

  7. I love the eye waar–all named after Jersey Shore Towns, My favorite is the
    Asbury Park Eyewear==reminds me of the safety glasses my dad use to

  8. I like the Autographed Bag o Socks B6-SACK-02, and I like you enjoyed when he was on Project Runway..

  9. The sock of the month club on his website. Yall don’t understand my mom loves crazy socks, every Christmas Easter Groundhog day etc she gets another pair of crazy socks and this would be perfect for her for Mother’s day. She loved Jay too.

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