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Hot Cooking Sauces by Veri Peri Sweepstakes

My boys and husband love spicy goods sometimes the hotter the better, so when I was able to try the sauces from Veri Peri I was happy.  I knew the family was going to like trying recipes with the hot sauces.

Hot Cooking Sauces

The hot cooking sauces I got to try were the Lemon & Herb, Garlic, Mild, Hot, & Veri Hot.  The sauces when opened all smelt the same, but each one certainly tasted differently.  We tried the Lemon & Herb on chicken and the lemon burst out on your taste buds.  We all seemed to enjoy it while cooking out.  The garlic was used on hamburgers it was amazing flavor so much so that my husband called a few of his buddies over for my son’s birthday party last week.

For our get together at church we made some tacos with the mild sauce.   There were about 25 kids who attended.  One of them decided to use the sauce on some chips and got the rest started as well.  The chips and sauce were a bigger hit than the tacos.  The hot sauce was used on chopped BBQ.  I particularly did not enjoy the hot sauce but, my older son and husband liked it.  It was a hit with the family.  The only reason I did not care for it as I don’t like hot spices much at all.  Now the last and most hottest sauce Veri Peri has is the Veri Hot, we tried this on chicken as hot as it was, we thought this would be a great exploration.  I did not try it but my two oldest kids and husband did and thought it was ok.  A little too hot for them.

Each flavor comes in a 4.22 fl. oz bottle and the prices is $5.00.  You can find these online at Amazon or on Veri Peri.

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