Fluid fashion trends that come with the best in style often have a short life span and the deserving culprits are the Parisian frock makers or the Top design houses for both with every runaway parade, announce the ‘just in’ trends making all others obsolete. Visibly enough all women irrespective of their age or culture accessorize to reflect their true fashion image and to stay visible in the circles that matter. Fashion Accessories also make for perfect and unusual gifting ideas for women, when dealing with the fashion forward kind. While wooing the young diva, it is the attached seduction of a ‘Carry All’ Versace bag that will every time out shine your thousand words and all the available honesty in your heart. A sacrilege for sure! But ‘Sin is in’ and Goddesses of the fashionable kind are excused.

  • Demure to dazzling, Hand bags exist in a million designs and they all are wanted because the item makes up for an integral part of every lady’s wardrobe. A premium quality patent leather bag or one in reptile skin produced by a designer brand will surely be a must have item on every woman’s fashion list. A word for the wise! Go for brands that otherwise are in sync with your woman’s   style, persona and desires.
  • Jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces sheathed with stones, earrings, pendants, watches and rings can turn out to be a focal point and stand to win many compliments for the owner if worn rightly with the attire. A simple yet pretty ring or a unique bracelet can make for unusual gift ideas for women. A classic dress will look incomplete if not embellished with a conventional diamond studded ring that will add the necessary sparkle in the wearer’s eyes too. Also necklaces in precious metals like gold and silver and bold pendants in spectacular designs are evergreen fashion items and desired by women of all age groups.
  • Come Hither is the message when the huntress dons the Hoop Earrings. The design is tsunami of a fad with the go forth woman who is not shying of making the first move. Compliment this with a bare neck, off shoulder dress and you have a happy girl at hand! Delicate Hoop earrings can be worn daily even to an office place. Theo Fennell is a British jewelry designer whose pieces (earrings) are characterized by the above traits. Also similar contemporary designs are presented by designers named Hattie Rickards and Jayce Wong.
  • Luxury watches are rightly most desirable and can be a good substitute for bracelets and bangles and can perfectly adorn a female’s wrist. Given that the stylish colors and elegant designs are liked but the most desirable are the diamante encrusted watches that subtly announce the arrival of the heiress. Add a little digital touch to it! The House of Cartier is the champion here but one can fish for unusual designs from ‘Ice Link’ as well. The choices are extended also to the enamel bodied watches and trendy chronographs which speak up for casual luxury.
  • Electronic gifts – In today’s time and age one cannot ignore the extensive use of tablets and smart phones. In fact they can be termed as the new age accessories (something that an individual will not leave behind while leaving one’s home). In fact small purses and innovative covers are available to carry phones safely and add on to the accessorizing needs.
  • A Stole or a Scarf is one piece of clothing that can by itself introduce her as the ‘oomph’ girl. The latest MIU-MIU look is incomplete without the tidily knotted polka silk scarf (inset) preferably matched with a similar leather piece. They are available in light or bold colors / designs to match either a casual look or a formal outfit. Scarves designed by John Rose are usually influenced by the elements in nature and create a pleasing visual effect. Another designer Richard Weston focuses on the colors and patterns in nature while designing scarves. Trendy add-ons like hats, sunglasses, scarves and generic embellishments infuse life in to an overall persona, and a singular accessory may make an entire outfit come alive making these fashionable nitty gritties a top pick as the pleasant and unusual gifts for women.

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