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Hottest Five New Tech Products For The New Year

Whew, the holidays are over and we can now settle into a more predictable routine. After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is nice to get back into the daily activities of life. The kids are back in school which means carpools, activities, doctor and dentist appointments and other errands we typically run. Also with the new year comes new resolutions, new toys and gadgets to try and new places to visit. To help navigate and plan those activities, her are some of the best new tech gadgets available this year:

Five New Tech Products

Five New Tech Products

  1. Wearable Computers: The Google Glass was recently shipped to several Beta testers for the whopping sum of $1,500. These sun glasses are to be the latest and greatest in computer technology and by this time next year, they will be a reality.
  2. Smartwatches: The coolest wearable mobile device this year are the Smartwatches. These handy gadgets will give you a lot of the apps and convenience of a smartphone for a fraction of the size.
  3. 3D Webcams: If you are into the whole 3D thing, soon, you can enjoy it on your computer. Once the software develops, you should be able to watch and project in 3D.
  4. Windows 8.1: If you love the look and convenience of Windows 8.0, but miss your old fashioned start up menu, you are going to love this! Windows 8.2 will include a more user friendly start up screen many of us creatures of habit were used to and miss terribly.
  5. Mobile Car Technology: One of the big trends last year was fitness devices to track your activity, health, sleep patterns and more Now you can do the same thing for your car. With the new Zubie Key and Zubie smartphone app, you can track and improve how you drive, monitor your car’s health and save money on repairs and maintenance.

I received the Zubie recently and this easy-to-install key and mobile app are great! You can do things like keep track of how fast you are driving, acceleration and deceleration patterns, braking habits and so much more. This is a great tool for preventing breakdowns, which is awesome for my son. This includes a low-battery alert and easy to understand engine code translation. His light just came on in the dash and the Zubie told him what was wrong. Now I don’t have to worry about him driving an unsafe car, and he doesn’t have to spend money trying to find out why his light is on. Better yet, he won’t ignore it because he won’t spend the money.

If you have friends and family members who have a Zubie, you can share your locations and as well your trip coordinates. It rates his driving habits, so I will know how good he is really driving. It also helps him to get a reality check! I can also see where he is as an added member to his Zubie family.  I think every mom of a teen or college-aged driver should get one installed in their car. I am just jealous I do not have a second one to use in my own car! The Zubie is a service, not an Accessory and it uses your cellular connection to keep you, your car and the cars systems always in communication. The Zubie is a fantastic new tech product to have as well as give in the New Year! You can keep in touch with Zubie on Facebook and on Twitter.

Have a Zubie New Year! You can order today with code SAVE20JANand SAVE 20% on one year of Zubie always-connected car service and a free Zubie Key. A great way to use your Best Buy and Amazon holiday gift cards! Offer good through February 28, 2013. Shipping charges may apply.

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