Description: The current pandemic has drastically changed all spheres of human life, and education didn’t leave behind. Explore what happens to it next.

This rapidly evolving disease put thousands and even millions of human lives at risk, and the only way to save them was to close all public places and switch to self-isolation. And of course, schools, colleges, and universities got dragged into it and were forced to close. After school closures, almost 900 million people had to start distance learning. Some students manage to find positive moments in it, but they are mainly the people who were too busy to attend classes in normal times and dealt with their assignments, using the professional help of Essay Pro. Other students and a large part of teachers aren’t satisfied with the current situation and are afraid of the future of education.

The massive move to distance learning revealed a lot of problems, even though some educational institutions offered online programs for students. But the number of people who use it wasn’t large. As a result, the problems and issues weren’t so easy to see. If we speak about the current influence of coronavirus on education, we may say that it greatly changed people’s lives and plans. Many colleges canceled examinations, graduation, and so on to the detriment of institutions and people as well.

Thousands of learners around the world started e-learning, and no one of them knows when humanity will return to the normal routine. It made students reevaluate their life and decide that studying in a classroom setting was the greatest experience. Unfortunately, we realize the importance of something when it gets away from us.

So, one key question worries people around the world: what will be next? Can this stage be considered as transitional? Will students return to the classrooms after quarantine or traditional education became a thing of the past?

The Future of Education

Taking into attention all circumstances and problems that appeared after the introduction of e-learning, it’s possible to assume that the coronavirus outbreak will change the educational system throughout the world, but it doesn’t mean that the traditional education model will disappear. 

Distance learning may be even more effective for people, especially if they used good software. Moreover, when a person wants to obtain an education, he or she will do in under any circumstances; nothing will prevent him or her from studying. Online education lets people do everything they usually do in class, except for group work. Teachers can give a lecture, organize conferences, discuss some topics, and make assessments effectively. It’s quite convenient, and we’re just not used to it. 

Lots of educational institutions show a successful example of the transition to online education that lets us say that it’s not too late. Anyway, the attitude of people towards distance learning will change to more positive. But, the significant drawbacks need to be addressed as soon as possible:

  • Unequal access to the Internet and educational technologies. Not all students can afford themselves buying a new laptop that can support the necessary software. We also shouldn’t forget about those students who live in rural areas and can only dream of a stable Internet connection.
  • Childcare problems. If all children, even those who are in primary school, will start learning at home, it will complicate the parent’s life and make their work impossible. They should stay at home to watch the child, so this income is unlikely to be possible.
  • The poor academic performance caused by the absence of motivation. If you’re a student who started distance learning, you understand what we speak of. It’s really hard to make yourself do something when you’re at home. But you can always ask professionals for help by leaving a message “Write essays for me” and alleviate your burden at least slightly.

It’s hard to say with confidence that after the pandemic, all world will switch to distance learning, as well as that all world will never return to traditional education. Perhaps, this lesson can make people understand that they need to invest more resources in the education sphere. This is the right time to do experiments, and probably humanity will create a new way of obtaining the education that will be a breakthrough.


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