My family has been tormented by cancer for years. Most recently, my nephew passed away from leukemia at a very young age. If the cure for breast cancer was found, I am sure the cure for leukemia could be right behind it. My grandmother was also a victim of cancer, but one that really scares me as a woman: Breast cancer.

She got breast cancer when she was really young, around the age of 23 and finally died from it 40 years later. I am glad I got to know her for the short time that I did, but I always wished I could have more time. She was such a neat and beautiful lady, and I know I had a tremendous amount of knowledge to learn from her, that I was never able to.

Breast cancer is scary. It affects a part of our body that screams, “I am woman” Men are attracted to the bosomy feature (no matter what they say), but most importantly it is how we have nourished our children. It is a very integral and personal body part to what makes many women feel feminine. So when you learn of a disease that directly affects this part, and then to find out if you have it you might have to carve out the part that you identify with as “woman” it can be very very hard and scary. I know I was scared, am scared.

I remember that my Grandma had a double mastectomy and when I was younger that was a pretty odd site to see, but it made no difference to me – she was still my Grandma and I loved her. She was very much a woman to me. That did not stop me from postponing my own mammogram for 4 years past when I was supposed to have one. I was afraid that I would find out that I too had a lump and that I would have to make all of these hard decisions.

my family

I should have just went. I did recently, and everything was fine, but if I did not I could have been very, very ill just by not checking! How silly. How stupid. Now I will go every year, and urge my sister to go as well. It is important. Tell your mom, your grandma, your sister, tell every woman you know! Shoot! Tell your brothers to tell their wives. The first step to the cure is awareness right?

You can get involved in your local community. Become aware. Help others to become aware as well. Walk, drive, donate. I am joining the ACS Making Strides walk in my town soon. Is there one in your town? Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the American Cancer Society’s nationwide series of walking events to raise funds and awareness to end breast cancer.

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